Yoga & Pilates Challenge

The New Year Challenge starts on the 13th January 2020!

Can you complete 30 classes in 30 days?

*The first six Challengers will win a FREE Yoga Journal, to document their achievement!*

Get your 30 Day Challengers Pass here!

Get yourself back into top shape, super charge yourself – and get rewarded for doing so!

Details of the challenges are all below and there is no additional cost for taking part – you just need a class package to cover the classes. Good luck!

Start your challenge from the 13th January 2020.

Why Do A Yoga & Pilates Challenge?

  • Committing to the challenge encourages a consistent, regular practice, which is the best way to achieve maximum results.
  • Improves your practice significantly and takes you to a deeper level.
  • Improves mental concentration and relieves stress.
  • Re-energises, re-vitalises and re-invigorates your whole body.
  • Gives your body a thorough detoxing, improving your skin and your internal organ function.
  • Aids in weight loss and muscle toning
  • Gives you the perfect opportunity to work on a particular muscle group or previous injury.
  • Helps promote a positive life-style, with all the benefits living well can bring you.

The Rewards for the Yoga & Pilates Challenge

Aside from feeling extremely pleased with yourself, successful challengers will receive a certificate immortalising their success.  Challenge completers are added to our Challengers roll of honour, carving their achievement in electronic stone.  You can see all previous challengers in the roll of honour.

The Rules for the Yoga & Pilates Challenge

Every challenge must have rules, so here are ours:

  • Challengers must attend 30 classes in 30 days, starting between the 13th January 2020 and the 17th January 2020 , and so finishing by the 16th February 2020. All 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute, 90 minute & 120 minute classes of any series count towards the challenge, both Yoga and Pilates. Workshops also count towards the challenge.
  • Challengers may attend 2 classes in one day to make up for a missed class, but this cannot be done more than twice per week to remain in contention.
  • Challengers must have a 30 Day Challengers Pass or valid class package in order to attend the classes (doing the challenge on a drop-in basis is not recommended!)
  • Challengers must start their challenge between the 13th January 2020 and the 17th January 2020 and complete it in exactly 30 days or fewer from their start date.


Taking a challenge is a fantastic opportunity to raise some money for your preferred charity. If you are interested in raising funds for charity, please download and print the sponsorship form for you to pass around your friends, family and colleagues.

Signing Up

To register your interest in a challenge, please email us at and include the date you would like to start your challenge. Alternatively, ask us in the studio, and we will add you to the list of challengers!