Red Hot Yoga loves you back!

Earn points for practising at Red Hot Yoga with our RHY Rewards program, powered by Perkville! This program allows RHY to give back to our members and allows us to celebrate your loyalty through accumulating points that can be redeemed for great rewards and yoga perks.

You can also earn points for referring friends who join the studio, completing private yoga sessions, attending workshops and courses, tweeting and much more!

Earning Points

 Referring a friend (Your friend will also get their first class free) 150 points
 Joining the RHY Rewards program  50 points
 Private yoga or Pilates session  25 points
 Following us on Twitter  25 points
 Attending a Workshop or Course  20 points
 Tweet (#guildfordyoga)  10 points
Attending a Class 5 points

Redeeming Perks (Rewards)

A free class for you or a friend 200 points
£20 off your next membership 400 points
RHY Water Bottle and Vest Top 500 points
Free month of Yoga 2000 points
Lavender Eye Pillow 350 points
Free Snack and Drink Free 100 points
 RHY Grip Towel 1000 points

How Does It Work?

  1. Make sure all your details are up to date and correct in your MINDBODY profile.
  2. You’ll get an email inviting you to opt in to our reward program, and then you’re on your way to earning points!
  3. The sooner you join up, the sooner we give you rewards!

For example, if you refer a friend and they join the studio, points are automatically credited to your Perkville account once they complete their first class. Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them from our range of FREE rewards (sorry, no cash redemption).

How do I get started?

Create an account at You can sign in either through Facebook or with an email address. Be sure to use the same email that you used when you signed up at our studio. Once you’ve registered, our studio and Perkville will track everything for you. It’s easy!

How will I know when I’ve earned points?

When you come to our studio, our system will inform Perkville of when you’ve earned points. You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points. You can also easily track your points on Perkville’s website.

What do I say when I post to Facebook/Twitter?

Share your practice! Tell your friends what you love about yoga! Everyone who practices at the studio is a part of Guildford Yoga (our community of lovely yogis)  so make sure you use the hashtag #guildfordyoga. Posting must be done through the Perkville website, not from your Facebook page (this is dead easy to do!).

How can I convince my friends to come to yoga with me? makes it easy to refer your friends to us. Let them know which classes you attend, so you can go together. And mention our Intro offer – it’s our most affordable option for beginners!

It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 50 bonus points just for registering!

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