Private Sessions

A Private session can boost your practice, help you work through a tricky posture and give you the opportunity to get one to one attention from your favourite teacher.

We offer a 60 or a 90 minute private session with any of our Yoga teachers.  Yoga sessions can either be heated or unheated, depending on your preference.

Private Yoga Session Fees

  Unheated Infrared Hot
60 Minute Session £65 £75 £85
90 Minute Session £80 £90 £100
Client Site
60 Minute Session £80

As a studio of Pilates excellence we like to treat any postural problems before doing anything else. Back pain or joint pain is sometimes caused by trauma or an accident but in so many cases it is commonly caused by poor posture or occupational habits.

A postural analysis will highlight any muscle imbalances and any other postural issues. A follow up session with a personalised program of corrective exercises to ensure the imbalanced muscles start working to do the job they were designed for. Therefore, correcting any postural problems as early as possible is key to alleviating any aches and pains. Teaching you to walk, stand, lift and carry with good posture and focusing on core strength is essential.

Private Pilates Session Fees

Single 1:1 60 Minute Session £75
Shared 2:1 60 Minute Session £95

To book a session with a teacher, please email us at or telephone 01483 564511 with your preferred date and time and teacher, or ask the desk staff next time you are in the studio.