Pilates Classes

Whilst being an excellent workout in its own right, we introduced Pilates classes to the schedule to give our students the benefits a Pilates practise can bring to their Yoga practise.  The focus on core strength and building leads to a real understanding of how engaging your core is central to any Yoga practise.

All our Pilates classes have an indicator of the level and suitable audience in the name:

Open – Suitable for all levels

Open (B) – Suitable for all levels, particularly aimed at beginners.  If you’ve never done Pilates before, this is the place to start!

Level 2 – Suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners only.  We recommend coming to some Open classes first, then your teacher will let you know when you are ready to start attending Level 2 classes.

Mat Pilates Open & Open (B)

In the Open Pilates classes we work through the Pilates ‘basics’, which are a specific repertoire of exercises designed to retrain the correct activation of the ‘inner’ core muscles in order to prevent/rehabilitate back pain or injury, improve posture and strengthen the core. The classes are suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.

These classes are also great for pre/post natal or anyone completely new to Pilates.  For pre/post natal we strongly recommend a 1:1 private session first to assess your personal development before attending scheduled classes.


High Intensity Interval Pilates – HIIP (Level 2)

Want a lean, strong, toned body?

A 45 minute class that burns, tones and shapes one session at a time! Previous Pilates experience is a pre-requisite otherwise just grit and determination is all that is required. However, it is not suitable anyone with any medical, back or joint issues. Must have previous experience of Pilates.

In the true style of interval training we will work in intervals of short bursts doing one exercise followed by a short ‘breather’ of a few seconds before we begin again. Exercises offered will be any from the full Pilates repertoire and options for a lower or higher level will be offered throughout and mall pieces of equipment may also be used such as resistance bands and magic circles to increase the intensity and level of ‘fun’!

A short warm-up and stretch will be followed at the beginning and end of the session with an approximate 30 minute interval section as the main course.

Not suitable during pregnancy.

Pilates Glow (Open)

Performed in a heated studio of around 30-34 degrees to create an environment that glows!

A mix of contemporary and classical Pilates exercises in a naturally flowing sequence from one body position to another to incorporate a whole body program that warms and opens the body appropriately.

This class is appropriate for all levels with options offered for the lesser practiced and a higher progression for those who are more practiced. Everyone with all levels of experience can enjoy this mixed level class.

Held in the orange room will be heated between 30-34 degrees using infra-red heating, to get your ‘Glow’ on!

Pilates Stretch (Open)

The areas of core strength, neuromuscular development, cardiovascular and general strength in Pilates are the focus of most of our Pilates classes, whereas the subject of stretching seems to mostly slip under the radar. Enter “Pilates Stretch”…

We appreciate not everyone is stiff or ‘tight’ and if you regularly practice yoga for example and arrive at a Pilates class with considerable flexibility it may be that control and precision are what is actually needed in your practice.

If however, like most people, you are a victim of bad posture caused by daily habits of sitting for many hours, stooping over a computer or work-related postures that encourage tight shoulders, backache and many other issues then a series of preliminary and counterpose stretches is best practice incorporating a program of core strengthening Pilates exercises.

With regular practice you will experience an ease of movement during your Pilates classes that will persist past the session and into your daily activities.

The stretches that we will be practicing in “Pilates Stretch” are precise and controlled targeting some of the smaller muscles that are often forgotten in larger full-body, multi-joint movements like those practiced in yoga. The stretches will awaken you to any patterns of tension, flexibility and sensations held within your body. This in turn develops a certain body-mindfulness that can have a huge beneficial impact on your wellbeing.

Maintain or increase your flexibility, range of movement, posture, mental focus and awareness. Enjoy “Pilates Stretch” for all of the benefits that it will bring to both your Pilates and yoga practice!

Pilates Flow (Open)

Incorporates strength & stamina using a flowing sequence of both yoga postures and Pilates exercises to target an element of cardio that will improve fitness, shape, strength, flexibility, posture and core strength.

As with other traditional yoga & Pilates classes you will be encouraged to synchronise your movement with breath whilst remaining centred and mindful. However, there is no use of Sanskrit terms, no opening or closing mediation, just a focus on the breath to open our practice and a ‘cool down’ stretch to close our practice as this class is designed from a modern, contemporary perspective. Variations on some of the more extreme traditional yoga postures are avoided making it accessible for anyone and everyone.

Pilates Flow is a synergy of yoga and Pilates to bring you the very best of both worlds.