We offer a regular schedule of workshops & courses to provide our students with continuous learning opportunities.

Hosted by both our regular teachers and specially invited subject matter experts, our course will help you hone in on a particular aspect of your practise; teach you something new and provide you with a platform to deepen your knowledge and skills.

Please find our multi-day Courses schedule below.  Click on the name of a Course to bring up its detailed description.

Please note that due to the limited number of students in any particular Course, spaces cannot be refunded or moved once booked.

For our single-day Workshop schedule please look at the Workshops booking page.

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    I have a relaxed & open approach to teaching and use simple language and gentle encouragement to help people focus on their yoga journey, whatever that might be to them.

    Clive Bratchell

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    My passion is watching my students develop physically, mentally and emotionally. I became a Yoga teacher to try to inspire others, as I have been inspired.

    Clarissa Ord

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    Following a vinyasa style, my classes are often supported with carefully curated playlists which helps encourage students to take their practice to their own limit.

    Bailey Tzuke

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    As a teacher, I love seeing the progression of new students in their honeymoon of discovery on the mat. As a student, I am forever grateful for the practice.

    Jane Beevers

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    Yoga makes you feel better - that is why I love practising and teaching; it reminds us to check in with ourselves, to observe and breathe.

    Denise Marlow

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    Seeing the changes in students after classes is truly magical. It's always a pleasure to know the class has impacted someone in a highly positive way, that's why I love teaching so much.

    Julie Fastiggi

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    Teaching at Red Hot Yoga never feels like work, I am incredibly fortunate to have a job I love with amazing Students & wonderful staff.

    Tracey Reilly

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    I'm passionate about sharing how well aligned yoga & meditation can make you feel not only physically more vibrant and energised, but also emotionally & spiritually better equipped to embrace this beautiful crazy world of ours!

    Sarah Powell