Class Schedule

Please find our class schedule for the next seven days below.  For more information on individual class types you can click on the name of the class for a description.  Alternatively, you can visit  the Class Types Page for a detailed list of all the Yoga & Pilates classes we offer (it includes a handy filter to show you classes suitable for you and your goals).

Want to find a particular teacher’s class schedule?

You can view a teacher’s personal teaching schedule from their profile page on our About Us page.  This includes the teacher’s class schedule for the next week.

Please note that whilst we do our very best not to cancel classes but sometimes it is unavoidable.  If you are booked into a class that is subsequently cancelled, you will be notified by email.  If you do not make a booking you will not be notified (obviously!).  We only ever cancel classes when there is no alternative.  If a teacher cannot make it to the class we will try to find a cover teacher and will only cancel the class as a last resort.

We provide yoga mats, but you will need a towel to cover your mat, unless you bring your own mat.  You can bring your own towel, or rent one of ours.

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of class. Please note we cannot allow any students into a class once it has started.