Red Hot Yoga Teacher Training – what our graduates have to say!

Did you know that over 60 students have now graduated from our Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Teacher Training course? If you’ve ever been curious about what makes our training different from the rest then read on as four of those students share their experiences!

‘RHY Teacher Training course delivered exactly what it promised, it taught us all to be great Yoga Teachers – it was the perfect mix of informative, fun, challenging, technical and insightful, I loved every minute of it.‘ – GEORGE

Clarissa is a brilliant, skilful teacher who has got an ability to create a safe place for people to grow as yoga practitioners and teachers. This training has offered me a template and a toolbox for how to begin my journey as a yoga teacher. I feel ready and excited! We have become trained in how to teach individuals and groups, and how to look after our students and ourselves. Throughout the training, we have been encouraged to find our voice and our style to teach, rather than following someone else’s footsteps. We have been offered so much support and caring by our trainers that I’m certain each one of my fellow trainees feel ready to begin their journey as teachers. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher in a supportive, joyful and energetic  environment.”  – HENRIIKKA

“RHY is a fabulous studio to practise at, little did I know it also offers a superb teacher training programme recognised by Yoga Alliance.

My journey began following an information email regarding the Teacher Training programme inviting me to an informal chat with Clarissa Ord to discuss what the course was about and whether it was something I wanted to do. I was really keen to further my knowledge of yoga and the idea to share my love of it through teaching sounded very exciting…so I went for it!! Little did I know that it would turn out to be one of the most transformative journeys of my life! No it was NOT easy…yes I would sign up again in a heartbeat!

Genuinely, the support we all received was truly extraordinary. The course is intense and makes you dig deep. All our teachers showed a lot of compassion but also gave us the little push that we needed when we thought we could not do it. And of course we did it!

Teaching from day one is definitely one of the biggest strengths of this course. You are training to become a teacher and so it is the most important skill you will be taught. Of course, you also practise a lot so you really improve your understanding of yoga as well a your own physical practice. You get to read exciting books, share knowledge, discuss findings, agree and disagree with your teachers as well as fellow trainees. You discover different ways to do things, you broaden your general understanding of what yoga is and finally, when you thought you got it, you ignore it all and start again! This course really makes you think for yourself and allows you to remain current. Yoga is constantly evolving and having a critical outlook is paramount. At RHY we were given the tools to become our own teacher in a safe environment and an opportunity to question everything we thought we knew about yoga. All the teachers involved in our training were incredibly knowledgeable but more importantly they were approachable. Their kindness and support as well as their constant encouragement has meant that I feel even more strongly than I did before about teaching yoga to others. RHY has offered me a chance to discover what I am about and this will undoubtedly make me a better teacher. Finally, I feel blessed that I have met such awesome likeminded people on the course, their patience and support allowed me to progress at my own pace. Thank you all and Namaste 🙏” – SOPHIE

“This year long course is definitely unique. I was able to fit it in around busy family life and I am now living proof that it produces graduates who are able to teach their own sequence to any size group! The course is so well structured and planned. It allows you to gain confidence at a steady pace so that you can grow and discover what type of teacher you would like to become.

This particular course is exceptional – if you have stepped into the doors of RHY you will understand it is a safe space. It is full of like-minded people who are genuine, really care and understand the benefits of yoga. Throughout the 200h TT course, I really felt the benefits of the highly experienced and specialised teachers there. Gaining this experience and insight from all these different teachers really opened my eyes to all the various forms of yoga. This is a great foundation for setting out as a teacher.

The training is extremely well balanced and planned in terms of understanding the theory based elements of yoga. In terms of the philosophy behind yoga, grasping what anatomical terms and concepts are required and then of course the practical element of teaching the “Asanas”. If you don’t know what that means, you certainly will pretty soon after the training starts!!

The studio RHY is not only friendly and welcoming; (I got given a free class on my first ever visit as it was my Birthday the next day)! It is exceedingly professional. This is reflected in the TT course. The training very tactfully incorporates the mindful, physical and spiritual element of yoga itself, with being able to sustain it as a profession and a business.

This Training at RHY yoga is far beyond just a 200H TT. I have found it completely transformative. Clarissa’s genuine passion and knowledge is outstanding and I feel so lucky to have started off on this path with her guidance & support. Everyone has their own journey and decides to take this training on for different reasons. I have found this training has really seeped into my everyday life in a very positive way. My group of fellow TT students were/are awesome and feel I have made some friends I will have for a very long time. This course has opened my mind, opened my heart and helped me gain courage and confidence. I feel like my learning is only beginning and I am excited for the future.” – EMMA

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