Menopause, yoga & YOU!

As a Yoga teacher of a certain age [cough, 48], a couple of years ago I started to notice differences – not only to my monthly cycle, but my hands started to hurt….my knuckles in particular…and my left thumb would ache when it was due to rain…great, I thought, arthritis. 
Then, wanting to be prepared for Menopause (which I assumed would hit as I turned 50), I started to read more on the subject and it started to dawn on me that maybe these aches were associated with something else…Perimenopause.
Perimenopause can come along generally in our early to mid forties but for some it can start as early as our late 30’s….Menopause itself is when your period has not been present for 12 months..for most, this can happen in our early 50’s….after that you are postmenopausal…..all three stages can come under the name Menopause.
Menopause is a completely natural, normal event for every woman and it occurs when our ovaries stop producing eggs and our levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone fall.
There are 34 known symptoms of Menopause….not all of them affect every woman…but they can vary from mood swings, anxiety, dry and itchy skin, migraine and, of course, the infamous hot flushes.
Some women suffer terribly, others can glide through this time of their lives relatively smoothly….but everyone’s experience is different.
Yoga helps in so many ways….it can lift mood, help sleep disturbance, aid anxiety. Our muscle tone and bone density also reduce during perimenopause and so a regular yoga practice can improve strength and muscle tone, including the pelvic floor which can weaken as our hormones levels reduce.
Menopause Yoga not only offers a sequence of poses which help with symptoms, but the classes include a sharing circle of discussion….women sharing their stories…what has worked for them…what hasn’t. From alternative therapies to HRT…we discuss it all..[or as much as we can in a 90 minute class] but it is this sharing aspect of class that women are really benefiting from and coming back to class every month.

Join me for my monthly Menopause yoga class or at my Menopause Yoga & Well-being Day Retreat on March 28th where you can enjoy 3 different types of yoga practice, a nourishing vegetarian lunch, lots of discussion, conversation and sharing ….plus afternoon tea with cake! I hope you will join me. For full details or to book, click here.


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