Jane Beevers talks mobility!

Over the past few months, I’ve been weaving scientific-based mobility techniques into many of the classes I teach and the feedback from the students is illuminating.

From a purely physical perspective, there pervades a common myth that we are either strong, or flexible, or that one must be at the sacrifice of another. We talk about having “tight” bodies but what does that really mean?

True mobility training bridges the gap between what we often perceive as this difference. Put more simply: Mobility = (flexibility + strength and control).

What’s fascinating is that if the central nervous system perceives certain ranges to be unsafe, it will prevent us from finding these ranges via what’s called the Stretch Reflex, despite the human body having approximately 10-15 degrees more range available and more easily accessed via isometric training. It’s also important to understand that we’re not just training like this for the sake of training.

Major Benefits of mobility training:

– Neurological Function & Cellular response

– Being strong in your long and short ranges of flexibility

– Able to control those ranges actively and safely

– Increased joint health and strength

– Increased strength and health within muscular and connective tissue, including cartilage, bone density, and joint capsules

– Rehabilitation & Athletic Function

– Articular Health & Longevity

– Movement potential & Agility (our ability to change our body position efficiently)

Plenty of interesting science and evidence-based studies to explore. Progressive and regressive isometric loading (PAILs and RAILs) has completely changed the way I move my own body and how I teach many traditional postures within the context of a class setting.

I’m incredibly excited at the prospect of introducing and sharing even more techniques via classes and workshops, following Dr Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning ® Certification this month. See you all soon!


Interested in learning more?  Jane Beevers has some great workshops coming up this summer where she’ll be exploring these techniques further, click for details:

30 June – Anatomy Workshops in Shoulders and Hips (book onto both and save £10)

14 July – Learn Front Splits: Hanumanasana Workshop



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