Anusara Teacher Training – your questions answered!

Ever considered becoming a yoga teacher?  Jo Atkins recently graduated from Red Hot Yoga’s 200-hour Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training course with Sarah Powell.  Here she shares her experiences:

What made you want to teach?

I love my yoga practice. I unfortunately recently lost a very close friend who had also been my yoga buddy for 13 years. When my friend died in the summer of 2018 it made me re-evaluate what was in my life as well helping me to address some of my hopes, dreams and desires. From this I decided to look at the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher – this had been a long-held hope and dream that I now wanted to make a reality. I explored opportunities to train to become a yoga teacher and to challenge myself to bring to others the benefits and the joy that my yoga practice has brought to my life.

What is your background?

I attended my first yoga class in 2002. I have always loved sport and physical well-being. When I was working in London in my 20’s in a job that really was not for me, I completed an aromatherapy diploma which opened a world of possibility to me and started my interest in alternative therapies. My interest in attending to my physical well-being drew me to the practice of yoga in my 30’s as I instinctively knew my body wanted and needed to stretch. I find that yoga aligns with my desire to attend to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as well as I can. I have attended many different classes and styles of yoga since starting out.

Why did you choose Anusara®?

I started attending an Anusara® yoga class 4 years ago. I really enjoyed the principles of alignment which I had practiced for many years in other classes. I was inspired by the language, enthusiasm and teaching of each class. When researching yoga training courses I realised I could train as an Anusara® Elements teacher and that was the biggest selling point for me!!!

How did you find the course? Any memorable highs and lows?

The course was very well planned and delivered. My teacher Sarah Powell has an infectious and enthusiastic personality and a broad, rich knowledge of yoga. I deeply valued the first 100 hours Anusara® Immersion element – learning the philosophy of yoga and the Anusara® teachings as well as anatomy and physiology. It also helped me develop my own practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation. The second 100 hours were focused on becoming a teacher of yoga. In these 6 months the highs were meeting a great group of yogis on the same path to becoming a teacher. I had so much fun. My confidence grew in becoming open to possibilities in how I can make this yoga teacher training work for me. I also enjoyed coming to Guildford to practice in the wonderful Red Hot Yoga studios with its great facilities. A great bonus was enjoying Guildford with all its sights, sounds, smells and tastes. It is a lovely part of the world. As for the lows: it was a big commitment for me. I work full time so scheduling work around the course was challenging. It meant I spent less time with family and friends and on other activities that are part of my weekly routine. I had to sit with my own judgements and discomforts many times and had to challenge myself and some of my self-limiting beliefs.

What are you doing now?

I am now continuing to teach my family and friends on a weekly basis whilst researching spaces to rent for my classes. By the end of this summer my aim is to run both an evening and a morning class. I then look forward to seeing where this goes. It’s that balance between effort and accepting that I need to invest time and effort to make this work for me! My yoga mat is always out at home and I now have a regular asana, meditation and pranayama practice which is benefiting me in so many ways. I have fallen for yoga nidras and I feel great!

What would your advice be to someone considering Anusara® Teacher Training at Red Hot Yoga?

Do it! Make it happen. You will learn so much. You will challenge yourself in so many ways. You will meet great yogis on a similar journey – the support of these people is amazing. And as for choosing Anusara® Yoga, it opens you to Grace – the first principle of alignment. The Anusara® community is very inclusive and supportive and it provides the next steps for training. The most helpful saying I took away from this training was “You’ve Got This!” I hope you do too. Namaste. – Jo.  

The next 200-hour Anusara® Teacher Training course starts in September and is designed for anybody wanting to deepen their knowledge of all things yoga. Whether they wish to teach or not, the course will cover all aspects of yoga to develop yourself personally and also as a potential teacher.  On successful graduation you will be able to register both with Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) and also Yoga Alliance Professionals – both recognised worldwide. Our Teacher Training course is run by Sarah Powell, Accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Teacher and Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher.  For course details click here.

Want to meet Sarah and ask questions? Come along to one of our FREE Teacher Training Open Events where Sarah will outline the course and clarify exactly what Anusara® yoga is. You will also get to meet other students looking to sign up on the course, and start building some connections!  Click here to find out when they’re happening and reserve your place!


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