Tracey Reilly on Yoga, Balance and the Chakras

Chakras are energy centres that connect to the physical body. A chakra is a chamber in the temple of the body that receives, assimilates and transmits life force energy – Prana.

The first of the main chakras is located in the base of the spine, the Root Chakra – in Sanskrit it’s called Muladhara. The chakras travel up through the body finishing at the top of the head – The Crown Chakra – Sahasvara.

The chakras can be visualised as chambers and by using yoga techniques these can be stimulated to open up the chambers which allows the life force – Prana – to flow through the body. Prana is the base energy of life, existing in everything from sunlight to the air we breathe. Prana flows in the energy exchanges we have with other people and even in the wind around us. Our body uses Prana within the cells through various channels, one of the most important being the Chakra System.

Through our yoga practice we aim to keep the Chakra System balanced so that so that our energy is harmonious and flowing.

An energy deficient Chakra needs to ‘charge itself up’ – to receive and assimilate more energy. Conversely an energy excessive Chakra will need to release and dissipate energy.

The Chakra System is dynamic and can become unbalanced. Changing from moment to moment it is not in a fixed state.

Yoga practice and chakra balancing go hand in hand.

As a teacher I love a chakra based Yin class. If you would like to learn a little bit more about the Chakra System within your yoga practice I will be teaching a four week course about the first four chakras. One chakra a week in a ninety minute practice, we will be starting with a Yin sequence, followed by a Short Flow and finishing with an extended Restorative Asana.

Tracey Reilly’s 4-week course Yin, Flow & Restore for the Chakras starts on Friday 3 May.  Click here to learn more and to book your space.


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