Make your health your priority for 2019

Meet Grant Hughes.  Some of you may have already met Grant in the studio, where he has attended classes for the last few years, encouraged by Fiona (his wife) who trained as a teacher here and comes regularly to classes.

For his day job, Grant works as a local independent Financial Adviser for a long established firm which has been helping people to plan their savings and protect their families for many years.

Grant has worked at Charlwood Leigh for nearly 30 years, looking after a wide range of corporate and individual clients and their families. He started his career in a large assurance company as a Pensions Technical Specialist. He has a wide range of qualifications, including those necessary to deal with the more complicated aspects of pensions and Trusts, as well as issues surrounding long term care for the elderly, life assurance and financial protections as well as investments and savings.

Over the years, Grant has seen the benefits for families of life assurance and how it is such a great help in a crisis.  However, it is often the last thing that people budget for.  Why pay out for something you will never see the benefit of?  Well I am delighted to say that Grant has come to us with the first life assurance plan that not only benefits your family when you die, but benefits you whilst you are alive too!

We felt that, as you are all such health conscious people, you may be interested in hearing more…

VitalityLife doesn’t just protect you when things go wrong.  It rewards you for being healthy too.  So you could end up having more energy – and more money – to spend on the things that matter to you.

For example, discounts on the things you buy and use all the time such as:-

  • Apple watch
  • Cycles and accessories
  • Essential fitness equipment, such as running shoes
  • Coffee with friends
  • Trips to the cinema

VitalityLife offers discounts to encourage you to be healthy.  You could even earn rewards and cashback.  The more effort you make to get healthier, the more they can offer you.  At the same time, they could reduce your premiums as you get healthier too – which means you pay a fairer price for your insurance as healthy people tend to be a better risk for insurance.

The plan helps you to understand your health, and give you ways to improve it by getting you started with an Online Health Review.

The web portal will help you track your progress with your vitality status by giving you points when you do healthy things.  The more points you earn, the higher your status becomes.

The more you do to look after your health, the more cashback you could earn – and every class you take at RHY counts! You can easily use your visit history as evidence that you are taking good care of yourself and get onto the top tier status in no time.

Vitality Core

With Vitality Core you will receive a number of rewards and discounts from their health partners including fitness trackers by Garmin, Polar and Nokia as well as discounts on trips to Champneys health spas, to help you rest and relax.

Vitality Lite

With Vitality Lite you will get all the great benefits of Vitality Core, including healthchecks and activity trackers plus the opportunity to earn Cashback every year.

Vitality Plus

With Vitality Plus you get access to all their health partner benefits, and rewards to help motivate you to get healthier.  Just to name a few, you will get discounted gym membership at selected Virgin Active gyms as well as regular Active Rewards depending how active you are.  And, there are also discounts on European flights with British Airways and Mr & Mrs Smith hotels which get bigger the more healthier you are. 

Contact Grant by emailing: or give him a call on 01372 374444



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