Red Hot Align – the new way to strengthen & release

We’re always super excited to launch a new class and Red Hot Align promises to ignite the body and work deep into your fascia.  Denise Marlow tells all:

What is Red Hot Align? This contemporary yoga class combines 35-40 minutes of hot yoga practice blended with core work to strengthen intrinsic core and postural muscles.  There will be 15-20 minutes of fascia work to flush toxins, to release tightness, improve flexibility and release physical blockages.  This class promises to increase core strength and joint decompression, supporting the spine and improve alignment.

What inspired you to develop this class? My own interest in developing this way of working the body into yoga practice came about when, several years ago, I went back home for a family event and I noticed how my parents and their friends had become noticeably smaller. As yoga teachers we know joint compression, spinal shrinkage and osteoporosis are all symptoms of not using our body.  Over the last eight years I have studied fascia, how the body works and continue to do so as it is a constantly evolving area of anatomy.  Fascia impacts on our posture, movement, health and well-being.

How does the heated element of the class facilitate the fascia work? The Red Hot Align classes combine that work: a hot yoga class increasing strength, flexibility and core strength, with foam rolling work to align, integrate, lengthen, expand, strengthen and decompress our whole, interconnected bodies.  Using the foam roller will help to regenerate soft tissue, hydrate fascia, release inflammation, tightness and restrictions in joint ranges of movement. This work also helps to reduce stress.  The adrenals get time to switch off – we don’t want our bodies to be constantly in fight or flight mode.  Minimising stress can also help regulate stress hormones, give our metabolism a boost and is anti-aging. As yoga teachers we work with a variety of injuries, physical conditions, illnesses and body shapes yet one thing is constant – that the body craves to move in an aligned, fluid way.  When we begin to work on the fascial layers of the body we feel more positive.  Fascia wants to be worked.

Who can practice this class? Red Hot Align (Open) is suitable for all levels of practice from beginners to more experienced.  The room will be approx 34-36 degrees, slightly less than a standard hot class.  The warmth of the room will help open the body and is also great for working into the fascia.  Classes will be taught in four week blocks to progress further each week in our yoga practice and fascial work.

Denise Marlow teaches Red Hot Align on Thursday at 10:00 as well as Yin Yoga & our signature Red Hot classes.  Find her schedule for this week & book your place here. Denise also runs our Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses – dates of upcoming courses can be found here.  


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