Becoming a Yoga Teacher – A Journey

By Janis W

Janis graduated as a Yoga Teacher from the 12 Month RHY Teacher Training Course in 2016.

Straight after graduating, how did you get your first class and work it around your ‘day job’?

I found my first official teaching class no different to what I was used to, as I’d already clocked up approximately 150 hours of practice teaching during the year, both at The Studio and teaching from home. Every class I teach there’s nerves at the beginning, but as soon as I start I’m fine.

Finding your groove – how did you get from ‘new teacher’ to where you are now?

One foot in front of the other…….life’s magic is always just outside your comfort zone. I had to ‘fake it til you make it’ – started teaching in a small ‘studio’, really just a basement room, then from home, then hired a hall, now teaching on the beach and at a golf club as well as on my roof terrace and in what was once a convent. Now word of mouth has taken over, and people come to me having been recommended.

What it’s like now that you’re established and teaching is your part of your regular working week?

Magnificent. I’m living my dream. Still have to pinch myself sometimes to check if I’m still dreaming. Not only do I love passing on all I’ve learnt, but when teaching I become the person I’ve always wanted to be, but never thought I could be. I have found my ‘tribe’ of friends, as yoga attracts the best people wherever you go. I show my students huge gratitude for coming to my classes, but they show it straight back to me.

After the beach classes I always get a round of applause!! Some of the feedback I’ve had just in the past week –

“Also want to let you know that you and everyone I’ve met since I’ve started coming to yoga are literally changing my life. I feel surrounded by positive, loving, beautiful people and it’s affecting me in such a good way. My mind is opening for the first time 🙂 Feeling the love ❤ ” – Ryan

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to breathe properly & “let go”. I was absolutely fine on the flight today . Very proud of myself 😊😘” – Alison, life long fear of flying

“Thank you for today – feeling alive. xx” – Sylvana, severe rheumatoid arthritis


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