Becoming a Yoga Teacher – A Journey

By Julie F

Julie graduated as a Yoga Teacher from the 12 Month RHY Teacher Training Course in 2016.

Straight after graduating, how did you get your first class and work it around your ‘day job’?

After graduating I took a little time to go away and find my feet! It had been quite a journey and then a new one was just beginning as I embarked on setting up a class of my own at a local church.

I was very excited although apprehensive that anyone would turn up. I only had one lady the very first class, I remember feeling quite disappointed at the time. However, I learnt a lot in that class as it gave me the opportunity to work with my sequence without needing to support a room full of students!

I felt really proud afterwards as it was her first class (and mine!) which she said she enjoyed, she kept coming back, became a regular student and I was delighted! We shared those early days together as she opened her yoga practice and I opened my teaching, they were special days. I look back very fondly.

Finding your groove – how did you get from ‘new teacher’ to where you are now?

I still see myself as a new teacher, there’s so many out there with many years experience! Having said that, there’s brand new teachers right behind me too! (It’s seeing those that makes me realise where i have got to).

It didn’t seem long from having one class, then fairly quickly one by one I  had 7 regular classes! I was just taking my time working with advice and support I had received from Clarissa and Jane in my early days to iron out the creases and really find myself as a yoga teacher.

For me there was nothing like actual teaching to really learn, as much as I could use friends or go through a sequence at home it was being in front of ‘real’ students that was the making of my teaching. I felt a huge support from RHY and really wanted to make everyone proud by delivering classes students were keen to come in for.

It was lots of grit and determination, take the knocks, dust off and get back out there…in the words of Labi Siffre I knew I had “something inside so strong” to share…and i found it.

What it’s like now that you’re established and teaching is your part of your regular working week?

What it’s like now…Wow! I’m still taking it all in, I often pinch myself to check this is real!

During my RHY Teacher Training I had visions of where I may like to go in terms of teaching (when the time came) and so far each vision has become reality with more on top. I am having the best time, I love sharing my passion and have received back a lot of rewards, the students have been great, some lovely comments have been received. I was even given gifts at Easter too, I’ve felt the love!

This was totally unexpected. I have come much further than I thought I would in this short space of time. I have run my own business in garden services for 16 years and have been able to reduce the workload there as I teach more and that’s just wonderful, what a big directional change I’ve had and I’ve never looked back!

Here are the details of the next 200hr 12 Month Teacher Training Course and the next 200hr Accelerated Teacher Training Course.


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