Becoming a Yoga Teacher – A Journey

By Lisa R

Lisa graduated as a Yoga Teacher from the 12 Month RHY Teacher Training Course in 2016.

Straight after graduating, how did you get your first class and work it around your ‘day job’?

Straight after graduating I decided to bring yoga to my ‘day job’ and put the feelers out to see if anyone was interested in a Yoga for Staff class and to my surprise there was a lot of positive feedback. I convinced work to give me a room one night a week and it started from there. I ran the class for about a year.

I was also lucky to have an already established small group in my local area who I taught during my teacher training for practice – they paid for a room and I taught for free. This gave me a ready and waiting group of yogi’s for once I qualified so I also set up a second group once a week which I am still teaching now two years on and its going from strength to strength.

Finding your groove – how did you get from ‘new teacher’ to where you are now?

To start with I tried to take on as many opportunities as possible to teach so I could swing between the odd class here and there up to some weeks 5 or 6 classes on top of my busy full time day job!

This has given me lots of exposure to various settings and types of yoga groups including studios, gyms, community halls, corporate classes, special needs classes and 1:1 teaching. For a while it was pretty intense!

As I became more confident in my teaching style and the vibe of the classes I wished to teach I’ve been able to be a bit more ‘selective’ on what I take on and be OK with turning work down. This has also been crucial in finding a work/life balance as well as being able to maintain my own practice.

My favourite classes to teach are definitely classes were you can build/be part of a community as I think this is all part of the yoga journey.

What it’s like now that you’re established and teaching is your part of your regular working week?

Now that I have found my own rhythm it’s brilliant to now be teaching regularly and at some point I would like yoga teaching to be my full time job as I feel a real pull towards it being my vocation.

But for now its great to have the mix, know that the bills will be paid but almost have this ‘other world’ to slip into outside of the 9-5. I find that it keeps me grounded and connected to the wider world and it keeps me keen to be learning and staying true to myself.

Its so easy to get caught up in emails and stats and deadline and all stuff that comes with a ‘regular’ job, but when I get into my yoga pants and just encourage people to be curious, breath and move it feels primal and right. I couldn’t even imagine not doing it now.

Here are the details of the next 200hr 12 Month Teacher Training Course and the next 200hr Accelerated Teacher Training Course.


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  • Please leave plenty of time to get to class. We can't allow students in once any class has started - we don't do this to be mean, it's to avoid disruption to other yogis (or pilates peeps!) so that they get the teacher's full attention for the duration of their practise. #earlybirdgetsthemat 👍