Anusara® – is it your time to grow?

Sarah Powell shares her passion for Anusara® and her motivation for bringing Anusara® Teacher Training to Red Hot Yoga:

I’ve been practising yoga for 14 years now and it’s been a huge help to me as I raised my 3 boys against the back drop of running a busy home and small business.  Like everybody, I’ve suffered deep loss and experienced amazing joy in my life – I suffered a back injury in a boating accident and struggled to heal after child birth.  It’s through these ups and downs that I’ve found the calming, steadying practice of yoga has really kept me sane!  I loved it so much that I was inspired to start teaching it 10 years ago, and after experimenting with different styles, I discovered that it was the Anusara® system that really resonated with me!

So why was that?  In every Anusara® class there is time spent in pranayama, asana and meditation, as well as having some gems of the philosophy woven into the class.  To me it’s such a well-rounded practice.  The Anusara® style is truly inspiring and uplifting – the use of myth and metaphor in classes really gets you thinking and applying yoga not just in the class room, but out in your everyday life.  That’s where the true yoga begins after all!  The philosophy has helped guide me through the rocky parts of my life and that’s why I’m so pleased to be able to offer this Teacher Training so that more and more people can benefit from it just as I have!  Teaming up with the wonderful RHY studio has allowed me to now offer the full 200-hour Teacher Training programme from Anusara®.

On my training course you will learn about the philosophy behind this system and how to weave uplifting messages into classes.  You will get anatomy detail, so you understand fully the 5-step pose process and how to apply and adjust it to every pose and every student.  Moreover, the structure of the course offers the luxury of time to work deeply with students, to help you truly get to grips with the 5-steps.  In addition, you’ll have access to RHY’s studio space as you progress through the course so that you gain confidence by teaching others as you learn.

The 200-hour course is endorsed by both the Anusara® governing body and the Yoga Alliance so, once completed, you will be qualified to teach Hatha yoga with that added magic ingredient that is Anusara®

If you want to know more, do come along to one of the FREE information sessions.  You will get to talk to me and ask any questions you want.

P.S.  If you love Anusara® but aren’t sure that teaching is for you (yet!), you can sign up for the first 100 hours via a series of three Immersions – you’ll take away a thorough grounding in the Anusara® method which you can apply to your own practice and, who knows, maybe you’ll decide this is a journey you want to continue after all!

Sarah Powell teachers Anusara® Open, Level 2 & Restorative classes at Red Hot Yoga – for this week’s timetable click here.

If you’d like to find out more about our Anusara® programme – click here to enroll on one of our FREE Open Events.  Alternatively click here for more information on our 200-hour Anusara® Teacher Training click here.  Not planning on teaching but keen to learn more via our Immersions?  Click here.


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