Treatment of the Month: Rolfing with Keith Graham

Keith Graham came to Rolfing via Osteopathy and is now just one of 42 certified Rolfers in the UK.  Here he tells us more about this holistic approach that embraces manipulation and movement:

1. What is Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing Structural Integration is a hands-on manipulation and movement re-education system which was developed by American biochemist Dr Ida P Rolf in the 1950s.

2. How long is a session?

60 minutes.

3. What happens in a typical session?

Rolfing usually takes place over 10 individually structured sessions.  At the outset the Rolfer will watch the client performing simple everyday movements and then talk about their feelings and concerns.  A list of mutually agreed goals for the work and a strategy for achieving them will then be drawn up.  With the client lying on a couch, the work of restructuring and rehydrating the muscle and connective tissue network is done by applying various degrees of pressure and direction.  Work is done in underwear – that’s you, not me!

4. What are the benefits of Rolfing?

Here are some of the benefits you may expect from your Rolfing journey:

• Taking the full Rolfing 10 series is like giving your body a 100,000 mile service and will improve posture, balance and muscle coordination leading to more energy and greater freedom of movement.

• The beneficial changes that the Rolfing journey brings continue long after your treatment has finished.  This is why Rolfing is one of the best investments you can make for your body’s long-term well-being.

• Just a few sessions of Rolfing can bring long-lasting relief from joint and myofascial pain even where other methods have failed.

• Your Rolfer is trained to notice and help change your unconscious and often damaging movement habits or postural holding patterns which may be all that is preventing you from being free of recurring pain or achieving optimum performance.

• Rolfing brings with it heightened self-awareness which can lead to a more positive self-image.

5. How long have you been doing this treatment?

I certified as a Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner at the Rolf Institute in Colorado 18 years ago and as an Advanced Rolfer in 2014.  I am fortunate to be one of only 42 Certified Rolfers practising in the UK.

6.Why did you choose to train in this treatment?

The quality of the Rolf training is exceptionally high and the criteria for gaining certification tough – this was an important factor for me in choosing Rolfing as my career.  I started my training in manual therapy at the British School of Osteopathy but for me it makes more sense to work with the tissues that pull bones out of alignment rather than try to adjust bones themselves.  Rolfing is one of the only truly holistic treatment in
which we consider not only structure but movement habits and emotional factors too.

7. How many sessions are recommended for me to feel the benefits?

Most people feel some benefit after the first hour.  The classic Rolfing series consists of ten sessions during which time we work through the whole body, top to bottom and surface to deep, gradually unwinding fascial strain patterns and renegotiating unhelpful movement habits.

8. Can I still have this treatment if I’m pregnant or have any other medical conditions?

After the first trimester Rolfing can be of great benefit to help relieve fascial tension during pregnancy.  Rolfing  is contraindicated for people undergoing treatment for cancer and during the first six months in remission.  There are a few other conditions which may not respond well to the treatment and it may be necessary in certain circumstances to seek your GP’s approval before going ahead with Rolfing.

Keith will be joining RHY to offer Rolfing and Rossiter Stretching from early July 2018.  Speak to Desk Staff or click here to book your treatment.


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