Teacher Training – what next?

Julie Fastiggi shares her experiences of RHY’s Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Course & how her career as a yoga teacher has taken off:

1. What was your motivation for embarking on the course?

Ultimately to change direction in my life!  Being on my yoga mat has become so important to me and has opened my eyes to so much more hidden beyond the physical practice.  I wanted to share my love of yoga using my passion and positive energy to allow others to experience what the practice has to offer.  Another big motivation was to be able to work with runners on training camps to bring some balance to their training either pre or post events, this I have really enjoyed both here in the UK and in sunny Spain!

2. How long had you been practising yoga when you signed up?

Approximately 5 years of practice before I started the course.

3. What did you find was the most challenging part of the course?

For me, the reading was the hardest part.  As a very active type I prefer the actual moving asana and physical challenges rather than sitting still with books!  I prefer to learn by doing, listening, observing… however, I did it and surprised myself along the way!

4. Did you ever get close to giving up?

Yes!  Not during the course however as I totally loved it, but after when I started teaching a block of classes.  I had received some constructive feedback a student sent in which hugely knocked my confidence.  I was left feeling really rubbish and questioned if I was really cut out to teach!  I had a few days feeling rather disheartened and useless before refocusing on what I wanted to achieve, making some changes and picking myself up to move on positively.  Looking back, that was probably the best thing to happen as from then on things changed a lot!!

5. What was the best thing about doing your Teacher Training at RHY?

Easy – I know the people there!!  Having practised at RHY for 6 years I already knew the studio, teaching styles and loved being there as a student which gave me confidence to sign up for the Teacher Training Course.  I knew the course would be well delivered and strongly supported by the teachers too.  The studio has everything needed for the course and is a really great environment to be in.

6. What have you done since graduating?

Since graduation I have surprised myself with what I have done!  I have set up a couple of my own weekly classes/courses, I have taught many yoga for runners classes with my corporate run club, Sweatshop Running Community and my running club in sunny Spain!  (That was the best, doing what I love in the sun!!) I have also done a few private sessions with runners and older students.  My regular classes at RHY have grown to 7 a week now, somewhere in the early days of teaching I never imagined I would be! On top of this you may of noticed I cover quite a few other classes too when required.

7. What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The best thing about teaching has to be how students feel after class, when they make comments about feeling really great or say that was just what they needed it gives me the biggest smile inside!  Seeing progression in their practice is hugely rewarding too, especially when they achieve something for the first time.  I have a lady who has learning disabilities and suffers with brain seizures from time to time so she is not able to do everything in class, one day she had a go at Navasana (boat) and lifted both feet for the first time – she was delighted and so was the whole class!  It is moments like this which as a teacher are just wonderful.

8. What do you find hardest about teaching?

Probably for me it was learning to not take things to heart, remembering that as teachers we cannot please every single student in the room – not everyone will say thanks or make a comment and that is ok!

Julie Fastiggi graduated from RHY’s 200 Hour Teacher Training course in 2016 & has subsequently gone on to complete courses at RHY in the teaching of Yin Yoga & Vinyasa.  Discover which classes Julie’s teaching this week by clicking here.

To find out more about our Teacher Training programme come along to one of our FREE Open Events, details here.  Alternatively click here to read more.


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