How Balanced is Your Life?

Michelle Berrange shares her reflections on embracing Hatha yoga to restore balance:

From an early age we are conditioned into action, ‘doing’, achieving and competition. It’s integrated into modern society, our schools, universities, careers and in the media. No wonder it is often so difficult for us to learn to relax consciously and to let go.  Our minds tell us this isn’t productive and we will be considered ‘lazy’. To live in peace and in a balanced fashion we need to learn softness, reflection, stillness and the art of ‘non’-doing.

“Truth is one, paths are many”

All physical yoga falls under the same umbrella of Hatha yoga. There are so many different styles and forms but their intention is one and the same.  Yoga and meditation are brilliant tools to teach us how to live harmoniously within ourselves and with the world outside. Hatha yoga in its authentic, traditional form is about restoring this balance. The balance between the Sun (HA) and Moon (THA) energies inside us and all around. By connecting to the breath and body we learn to listen, to observe, to soften, to release, to feel.  Action then reflection, sun and moon, DO then Feel, DO then FEEL, Equanimity. By being with the reality of our sensations we connect to the present moment and are freed if only for a second from the ever-thinking mind.

The deeper you choose to go on this journey: the awareness, silence, stillness and peace will increase in your life.


Michelle is leading a series of workshops at Red Hot Yoga this summer, click the workshop name to discover more.  Places are limited. Annual Member discount available.  New Moon Vinyasa Flow on 13 June; Backbends… on 23 June; The Wonders of Twisting on 30 June and Restorative & Relaxation Workshop on 1 July.


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