Why Chanting is Good for the Soul

Red Hot Yoga’s Clive Bratchell shares his passion for chanting:

“I love to chant, it sounds nice.  When a group of people get together it feels ace, so why not!?  The language is Sanskrit.  I understand that this is the oldest of the Aryan languages, yes, that’s what English and the other European tongues derive from.  The language is sound based rather than word based, so the sounds mean things beyond the words.  Also most learned Sanskrit texts seem to be written in poem-feelings and similes rather than in a typically Western dogmatic way.  To understand you need to be more open to the feelings the words evoke – it helps if the intonations are right – I have studied the correct pronunciation for 5 years from the source – our Sanskrit teacher Jayashree in Mysore, India.  She is very precise about how the sound of the words should be.

The benefits of chanting (beyond the fun of it!) are well documented:

Improves pranayama (breath control)
Improves memory
Improves focus
Improves your yoga practice

I bring you this knowledge in a mini course, learning as I have in the traditional way ‘call and respond’.

Incidentally the word guru is two Sanskrit words – light (Gu) and dark (Ru) – evoking the passing of the candlelight of learning from master to student and so on – I hope you can join me so I can share the light with you.

For me, chanting is a beautiful thing that leads to peace and harmony with ourselves and the outside world – no conditions or dogma attached. Looking forward to welcoming you to Red Hot Yoga, Guildford for this course.”

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Clive will be leading two Chanting Courses on the morning of Saturday, 13 October.  Part 1 focuses on the Yoga Sutras and is a great introduction for those with little or no experience.  Part 2 builds on from this and incorporates a couple of the more challenging Shanti (peace) mantras & vedic chants.  Discount available for students enrolling on both courses.  Find out more and book your place here.


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