Spotlight on… Tracey Reilly

1. Describe your yoga journey. Why, who, how?

I was a competitive gymnast for over 10 years & have had a life long passion for sport, training as an aerobics instructor, personal trainer & sports massage therapist.  However, it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son 20 years ago that I first discovered yoga – I practised on & off between bringing up my children, working as a therapist & marathon running.

Yoga turned from a pastime into a passion when I had hurt myself after running the London Marathon & I saw a new yoga studio had opened in Guildford… Red Hot Yoga!!  I went along on a Saturday morning & instantly fell in love with it, not just for the healing benefits it gave me after injury but also the way it helped me emotionally & mindfully.

As my children got older, I decided to do some additional training & qualified as an Arvigo ®practitioner & reflexologist but throughout that time yoga was becoming an increasingly important part of my life so, in April 2016, I embarked upon the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Red Hot Yoga with Clarissa Ord & I’ve never looked back!  Since qualifying I’ve continued my training with a 40 hour Vinyasa immersion, 40 hour Yin immersion, 40 hour Forrest immersion & a Forrest Yoga mentorship with Jambo Truong.

2.Which is your favourite class to teach?

I love teaching all classes but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the Red Hot sequence in the Red studio as, for me, that’s where it all began.

3. What’s your favourite pose?

As an ex-gymnast I always love a handstand but a very close second would be Dancers/Natarajasana for its beautiful back bending & heart opening.

4. What do you bring to your class that makes it unique?

I can challenge students with a strong practice but also nurture beginners & those coming back from injury.
I have an empathy with the mind set of an athlete, especially those recovering from injury, & helping them engage in all that yoga has to offer.  I also bring a big smile to my classes!

5. How often do you practice?

I practise every day – anything from coming to the studio, practising at home, working on sequencing or just standing on my hands around Frensham Common.

6. What therapies do you offer & how do they complement your yoga teaching?

I am also an Arvigo Practitioner & offer this treatment at the studio on Monday & Thursday afternoons – you can find me on the therapist section of the website and read more about this treatment here.

For me Arvigo®️ therapy & teaching Yoga go hand in hand, offering improved health, mindfulness & wellbeing.

7. Top tip for a mindful practice.

Be kind to yourself & never force a pose – focus on your breath & soften.  When your body & mind are ready all will come.

8. What would your advice be to beginners?

Have no expectations of your practice or where you should be.  Don’t worry about what someone else in the room is doing – their journey & practice will be unique to them, as yours is to you.  Focus on your breath, particularly if you become overwhelmed, & remember to smile & enjoy the time you have given yourself to be on your mat in this moment.

9. How do you relax at the end of the day?

I’m really boring but I like a cup of camomile tea, a dark chocolate Kit Kat & a good box set binge.
I am also partial to a Pinot Grigio & a pub quiz at my local.

Join Tracey Reilly teaching our signature Red Hot Yoga & RHY Glow classes – find this week’s timetable here.  To find out more about Arvigo Therapy or to book a treatment click here.


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