Spotlight on… Jade Carey

1.      Describe your yoga journey – why, who, how?

I have had a love for yoga for over 18 years now, I started Hatha yoga in my twenties with my mum at a local class.  We both loved it and have never looked back.

As the years went on I felt more and more inspired to teach, I wanted to share this amazing yoga with everybody.  I’ve been teaching yoga for 6 years now.  But that doesn’t mean just the stretching, strengthening, healing and prevention of illness and injuries – to me yoga is being kind to others and yourself, being your authentic self, wishing and seeking happiness for ourselves and others, finding peace in this chaotic world, whether on or off your mat.  Living and loving life mindfully.  Learning to let go of what no longer serves us and learning to love yourself as you are, integrating appreciation and self esteem.  It’s a journey of believing in yourself that I am fully immersed in, constantly proving that I can do things that I thought I would never ever do!  It’s learning to face our fears and to make small steps in overcoming them, to live the life you deserve, to live the life of your dreams.

I’ve immersed myself in many teacher training courses over the years including 200 hours Iyengar, 40 hours Ashtanga and 40 hours Yin yoga training and recently I completed a 2 year mentorship with my teacher Naomi Absolom which has taken my yoga journey to a whole new level, it literally changed my life and my outlook on life.  I continue to learn and grow on a daily basis which is what I love so much about yoga.

I teach my own style of Mindful Flow, I like the practise to be well rounded including asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

2.      Which is your favourite class to teach?

Vinyasa Glow and Mindful Flow

3.     What’s your favourite pose?

This changes all the time!  Currently,  I’d say I am enjoying the beginner’s version of pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) – so lovely for the hips and back.

4.      What do you bring to your class that makes it’s unique?

I like my students to leave feeling worked but also nourished, I always play chilled tunes to flow to and we start with an inspiring quote, poem or prayer before we begin to move – something to contemplate or set the theme for the class.  I’d definitely say I am more of a spiritual teacher rather than physical.  I like to keep a watchful eye on my students and I do give gentle adjustments to help students deepen their practise.  I don’t take myself to seriously either –  you’ll often find me laughing at myself during class, usually when I’ve got my lefts and rights confused!

5.      How often do you practice?

Every day, and that isn’t always on my mat.  As I said before, yoga is so much more than the physical asana.

6.      What do you use to enhance your practise?

I diffuse essential oils whilst I practise and teach yoga – the benefits of essential oils are immense!  They work on the limbic part of the brain which is where our emotions are held, so they can literally change your mood.  They can also help us to heal emotionally and physically – I am teaching a few specific workshops in the New Year on integrating essential oils and yoga for wellness and wellbeing – so if you want to learn more on the benefits of essential oils do join me.

7.      Top tip for a mindful practice?

Take a few minutes at the start to connect to your centre – a good way to do this is to connect with your breath, just notice it.  We really do take it for granted.   And if you feel distracted in class always come back to your breath – use it as your anchor throughout your practise.

8.      What would your advice be to beginners?

Breathe, rest whenever you need to, don’t worry about anyone else and listen to your body.

9.      How do your workshops/courses enhance students’ practice?

Most of the workshops I teach are based on deepening the practice, so to show how not only asana, but also mantra, pranayama, mediation, essential oils and earth medicine – plants, minerals and animals – can help us connect to ourselves, to heal and to move on in our journey.

I’d say my workshops are very nurturing and nourishing.

10. How do you relax at the end of the day?

A long hot bath infused with Epsom salts & essential oils – quite often lavender or a blend called Serenity by doTERRA.

Jade teaches Mindful Flow, Vinyasa Glow & Red Hot classes.  She is also holds quarterly Seasonal Yoga workshops.  Early in 2018 she’s sharing her passion for incorporating essential oils in yoga practice in a series of workshops.  To find out more about Jade’s forthcoming workshops click here.


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