Lomi Lomi – so good they named it twice!

 The benefits of massage are well known – releasing the muscles, promoting blood circulation, relaxation of body & mind. But what is Lomi Lomi and how is it different?

The shamanistic traditions & techniques of Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi massage therapy was first practised by Kahunas, (Hawaiian priests and shamans) and kept within their own community for centuries. In the early 1970s, a few Hawaiian teachers began teaching to non-Hawaiians.

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with its ‘loving touch’ technique is often called the queen of massages.  It works on all levels of our being: physically, emotionally and spiritually to bring comfort, hope, healing, transformation and love. Dedicated and well-trained Lomi Lomi practitioners all over the world agree that their clients respond very positively to the Lomi Lomi technique.

What to expect from your Lomi Lomi

Before your Lomi Lomi massage, Ricardo will discuss your personal intention for that particular session. Do you want to experience more inner peace? Do you have a long lasting injury? Are you seeking a more balanced life? Want to boost self-esteem or confidence? Is your wish to heal old wounds, connect with your true self, or to awaken your spirit? Whatever it may be, you can share it with Ricardo.

The massage begins with Ricardo saying a prayer connecting with the Aloha spirit. He may also ask you to breathe deeply to help you relax or he chants and plays soothing music. He places his hands gently on you shifting his awareness to universal love and your intention. This ‘loving touch’ is a very important aspect of the Lomi Lomi. The Hawaiians believe that this ‘loving touch’ helps you release not only physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

The Lomi Lomi technique is best known for the flowing, dance-like long strokes over the body given in a fluid rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands and generous amounts of oil. The sensation is of gentle waves moving over your body. Ricardo incorporates gentle stretches and joint rotations, and massaging two parts of your body at the same time, for example, using one hand on your shoulder while simultaneously massaging a hip with the forearm. It promotes harmony and balance in your body.

Following the massage clients express a feeling of spiritual and emotional rebirth.  They feel nourished, relaxed and cocooned by Ricardo’s magical touch.  One client wrote:

‘I have never felt so totally relaxed and surrendered to the loving energy I was feeling.

About Ricardo Balkhoven

Ricardo Balkhoven has been active for over twenty years as a certified masseur and bodyworker. He believes massaging is more than pressing, kneading and rubbing; it’s energetic work and the power of a loving touch.  Ricardo felt a real connection the first time he experienced Lomi Lomi and immediately booked his flight to Hawaii in order to learn this amazing technique in the place of its birth.

‘Giving Lomi Lomi therapeutic massages is my true calling. My mission as a Lomi Lomi practitioner is to pass on the Aloha spirit of universal love and life energy to anyone on my massage table. Therefore I keep my thoughts and intentions as pure as possible during a Lomi Lomi session and create a sacred space for my clients at the beginning, and close it at the end. I’m not only a Lomi Lomi practitioner, I’m a Lomi Lomi student for the rest of my life!’

Want to experience the magic of a Lomi Lomi massage for yourself?  Ricardo Balkhoven will be visiting Red Hot Yoga on 10, 11, 12 & 13 January.  Appointments are limited so book to avoid disappointment – speak to Reception or click here to book online. 







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