What are the benefits of courses vs. classes?

Not sure of the difference between attending a course or a class?  RHY’s Dawn McCarron explains the benefits.

Often you will find a class has students of varying levels of ability and experience.  This means there is a limited amount of time available for any professional teacher to ensure every client is satisfied that they have had their expectations met – it’s a challenge!

You may find yourself leaving a class, especially if you are new to the studio or the chosen discipline, feeling slightly less than over the moon that you haven’t worked your core or challenged yourself as you’d hoped.

So enter the course…

Take our Pilates Foundation Course – here we endeavour to firstly teach you the ABC of Pilates, rules that can be practiced throughout daily activities, in the gym and, of course, in every Pilates or yoga class that you take thereafter, so that you can be the very best YOU.

Whether it’s a 4 or 6 week course the foundations will firstly be set in week 1 onto which a week-by-week program can be built ensuring that every client has the attention, help and modifications that they require in order to gain the very best knowledge and results from their practice.

We don’t move on until everyone is happy and satisfied that they understand the movement no matter how long it takes. There is plenty of time for questions and answers which are shared among the group so everyone learns.

Then, when you enter the class environment you will feel instantly ‘at home’ equipped with your very own toolbox of information, adaptations for each exercise and ability to start making your own choices on level to work at, progressing week by week.

Makes sense doesn’t it?


Click here for details of Dawn McCarron’s upcoming courses: Yoga for Tight Guys; Pilates Foundation Course; Pilates for Bone Health & Pilates for Tight Guys.


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