The ABC of Pilates with Dawn McCarron


Here Dawn McCarron explains the ABC of Pilates and its importance in your Pilates practice.

Alignment of the spine and pelvis. Being out of alignment places strain on joints, ligaments and muscles and has a detrimental impact on your movement and muscle imbalance.

It is optimum to have joints in the right position and to maintain this throughout an exercise to reduce any possible injury whilst gaining the maximum results.

Correct alignment will have a positive effect on how you move every day and, most importantly, on your posture.

Notice how, when standing with eyes closed, muscles and nerves have to make small adjustments to maintain stillness and an upright posture. This is in response to gravity and the body’s proprioception (awareness) of balance and stability.

Breath. This is very important in Pilates movement in order to build concentration and control throughout the exercises. It also achieves an inner focus that unties the connection between body and mind, improving general well-being and clarity of mind.

Control in my opinion this is possibly the most important focus. When control of the body during movement is achieved then stability is awarded and maximum efficiency of performance.

Core stability is being able to achieve inner control through stabilisation and control of the position of the pelvis, spine, shoulders and head and in Pilates practice is often referred to as the “powerhouse”.

Dawn McCarron teaches Pilates (Open & Level 2); HIIP (High Intensity Interval Pilates) & Red Hot Yoga (Open) – click here to find these classes on the timetable.  In addition, Dawn runs regular courses at the studio –  our popular Pilates Foundation Course; Pilates for Tight Guys; Pilates for Bone Health & Yoga for Tight Guys for further information & to sign up to any of these courses click here.


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