What’s Your Yoga Personality?

With so many different classes & levels to choose from, it can sometimes be hard knowing where to begin – try our fun quiz & discover whether you’re a Happy Baby, Dancer or Warrior!

1.How long have you been practising yoga?

A.  Once or twice. OK, never.
B.  Six months or more.
C.  I was born a ‘Happy Baby’ and have never looked back!

2. How do you want to feel after your class?

A.  In need of an Uber – so chilled I barely know my name let alone where I live!
B.  Uplifted, revitalised, strong & stretched!
C.  Grateful for the wisdom the teacher has shared with me. Namaste. (OK, grateful that it’s all over – that was hard!!!)

3. What kind of guidance do you want from your instructor?

A.  Lots – cow, cat, crow, dog, pigeon – what does all this stuff mean (and what should I try if I can’t do it?) #confused
B.  Pointers on how to refine my postures & encouragement to try new poses & occasionally go outside my comfort zone.
C.  Motivation, energy, challenge – a symbiotic relationship where we can share experiences. I don’t want an instructor, I want a guru.

4. Have you got any injuries?

A.  Dodgy back, creaky hips, can’t touch my toes…
B.  Bruised pride. I tried to flip my dog yesterday and fell over!
C.  Slightly tight hamstrings – I ran 20 miles this morning after my 90 minute Ashtanga class and was so blissed out after my daily meditation that I clean forgot to stretch.

5. What does Om mean to you?

A.  Errm..? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
B.  Is it how they say ‘home’ in Yorkshire?
C.  Shanti shanti shanti-h

6. What do you want out of your class?

A.  Peace. Relaxation. Some gentle stretching & movement that works the body without risk of injury.
B.  A balanced class that blends static strength building postures perhaps with more challenging poses/vinyasas to get my heart pumping! Rounded off with a well-earned Savasana at the end.
C.  Flow so fast I forget where I am. Dynamic poses that focus body, mind & breath.

7. How do you feel about exercising in a hot (38 degrees) room?

A.  I am not a sweater. A sweater is something you wear.
B.  I’m up for mixing & matching my practice depending on my mood. I’m not phased by heat but equally there are times when I prefer to leave with a glow (and no make up running down my face!)
C.  Bring it on, the hotter the better!

8. How does a self-guided practice appeal to you?

A.  I did well finding the studio, you’re not seriously going to leave me to it now are you?
B.  Yep, love it. Wake me up in 90 will you, I’m working on my Savasana today..
C.  Vande gurūṇāṁ caraṇāravinde sandarśita svātma sukhāva bodhe…


Mostly A
Happy Baby – Open Level (Beginner)

You could be new to yoga, working with an injury or looking for a more mindful practice that nurtures & stretches but also offers optional challenges.  Don’t be intimidated by those super bendy yoga people you’ve seen around – everybody (and every body!) is different – relax into your practice, trust your instincts and enjoy being guided by our experienced instructors.  Remember, ‘I can’t’ doesn’t have to be a permanent state of mind!  Start your practice mindfully – find your ideal class here.

Mostly B
Dancer – Open Level

You know your Asana from your elbow but are still some way off mastering crow to plank without a comedy faceplant!  You have experience of yoga and a basic understanding of at least some of the postures (don’t worry, you don’t need to know the names!)  You’re keen to explore (with help & instruction) how your practice can grow both in terms of refining your poses & learning new ones.  You probably can’t do a hand-stand (yet!) but you’re up for the challenge…  Click here for inspiration & to see the timetable!

Mostly C
Warrior – Level 2

You’ve been practising yoga so long you know the Sanskrit names.  You’re on first name terms with all the desk staff & put your mat in the same spot every class (naughty yogi!)  You have a good level of fitness & understand the importance of listening to your body.  You can probably levitate.  You want every class to be a journey that challenges, inspires and leaves you feeling knackered zen.  Oh I’m so jealous of you, I can barely touch my toes.  Choose your next challenge here.




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