Spotlight On… Denise Marlow

1. Why did you become a yoga instructor?

I started practicing yoga about 20 years ago when I first came down to London to work. There was so much more choice for me to explore. Yoga helped me to unwind and cope with the demands of working in central government.

2. What is your favourite pose/exercise?

I love backbends – wheel pose.

3. Which classes do you teach at RHY?

I teach Hot, Unheated and Yin yoga at Red Hot.

4. How long have you been an instructor?

I have been teaching yoga for 8 years.

5. What is your go to snack after your practise?

Straight after practice it’s hydration I’m after, then when I get home my current favourite is a glass of almond milk flavoured with cacao powder.

6. How do you motivate yourself to get on your mat?

The longer you practice yoga your body lets you know if your practice slips, that’s the beauty of it! So motivation is more an instinctive need to practice.

7. Top tip for Downward Dog?

Think of the pose from the grounding of hands and feet. As you press down through the palms (spread fingers and weight evenly), you can then feel a trickle effect of stability through the body – arms activate, torso/back body can stabilise then the lengthening of the legs can be explored as you press down through the feet.

8. What would your advice be to beginners?

Come to yoga with a relaxed approach, an open mind and explore as many different classes as possible.

9. What else do you do in your spare time?

One of my favourite things to do is walking my dogs. I love getting outside. I grew up by the coast in Scotland so I need to go to the beach regularly to hear the sea. As I live in West Sussex, Climping is my favourite and my husband and I love going on long walks along the South Downs.

10. Where is your favourite travel destination?

Greece. Simply dotting around the coast. Taking a boat to go swimming – the water is so beautiful – and stopping where the brightest blue spots are in the sea.

Denise teaches RHY Unheated, Yin & Red Hot classes at the studio.  Additionally, this November she is running a Yin Teaching Training Course – for details & to book click here.


Ginny Morgan-Jones

I am new to RHY and just wanted to thank Galina Sarbeva for her strong but soothing technique . I’ve now enjoyed 2 of her classes , both being different , she has a very soothing voice but comes to correct your pose if needed which I love !! I look forward to seeing more of Galina .



I am on the RHY training and have done a couple of classes with Denise, i love her approach to teaching in her classes i felt very grounded and much more energised thank you for all the greta teaching at RHY


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