Spotlight on… Dominique Beaumont

1. Why did you become a yoga/pilates instructor?

I badly injured my back while training for a national athletics competition when I was a teenager and Pilates was the main thing that helped me rehabilitate. I couldn’t go a week without it, and so my passion for Pilates was born.

2. What is your favourite pose/exercise?

That’s a tough call. It’s a tie between roll overs – there’s something about being upside down that I love and it’s such a good stretch for the whole backline; and cobra/updog – when I first started Pilates I could barely get my shoulders off the floor as I was so badly injured, but over time the flexibility of my spine has increased and now full extensions make my heart sing!

3. How long have you been an instructor?

9 years, but I’ve been doing Pilates for 17.

4. What is your go to snack after your practice?

Almonds are my go to for a quick snack between classes, I also love bone broth or a green juice as a post practice pick me up.

5. How do you motivate yourself to get on your mat?

Movement feels too good not to do it, even if my motivation is low I know that I’ll feel better simply by breathing, moving and connecting to my inner world, even if its only for 10 minutes.

6. Tell us about your new workshops, Foot to Floor and Cleanse & Revitalise.

I’m so excited to bring my Foot to Floor workshop to RHY It builds on my knowledge of (and passion for) bio-mechanics, anatomy, kinetics and conditioning – specifically the connection between the foot and pelvic floor.  We’ll explore mobility and release techniques in this, largely standing, sequence – expect to be challenged, it’s a dynamic work-out!

Cleanse & Revitalise is a restorative masterclass where we will align our bodies and ignite the Lymphatic system by incorporating yoga and Pilates movements to twist and stretch.  We will close with a deeply restorative meditation to soothe and calm.

7. What would your advice be to beginners?

Don’t be in competition with yourself or anyone else in the room. Enjoy movement for how it feels, rather than what you look like while doing it. Moving and connecting with your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and what you learn on the mat will see you through life off the mat. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

8. What else do you do in your spare time?

I love walking, if I’m in my hometown of Cape Town you’ll find me up a mountain or along the beach front, connecting to nature is therapeutic for me. I also love tea and a good book, although I don’t get round to reading as much as I’d like, I’m too tired at the end of the day 🙂

9. Where is your favourite travel destination?

I went to Bali for my honeymoon 3 years ago, its my dream holiday; beach, yoga, culture, curry and cocktails. Bliss! Next on my bucket list is Mozambique.

Dominique returns to RHY this summer with two great new workshops – Foot to Floor! in June and Cleanse & Revitalise in July – click on the workshop name for details.  Annual Member discount available. 


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