Spotlight on… Jade Carey

1.      Why did you become a yoga/pilates instructor? 

I teach yoga to enable my students to connect with their true self & to help them become more aware of how they are feeling & where they are at in their bodies & in their minds,  to then work with it through the practice of yoga.

At the same time teaching yoga shines a magnifying glass on my stuff too, often our students are mirrors of our own behaviour, so they teach me just as much as I teach them, therapy for my students, therapy for myself too, every class is a lesson learnt.

2.      What is your favourite pose/exercise?

I don’t really have a favourite pose, it changes all the time depending on what’s going on in my body & mind.

3.      Which classes do you teach at RHY?

Vinyasa Glow, Yin Yoga, RHY Unheated, Hot Yoga (when not pregnant).

4.      How long have you been an instructor?

5 years.

5.      What is your go to snack after your practice?

Fruit, normally a nectarine, they are my favourite.

6.      How do you motivate yourself to get on your mat?

Practising for me is like brushing my teeth, if I don’t make it onto my mat, even if its just for 15-20mins, I don’t feel right, connection to the self is always top of my list everyday!

7.      Top tip for Downward Dog?

Bend the knees for extra space & length in the spine & draw the forearms/lower part of the arms towards each other to stabilise the shoulders.

8.      What would your advice be to beginners?

Adapt the practice to where you are at, take modifications & use props whenever needed, don’t compare yourself to others in the room & most importantly connect to your breath throughout your practice.

9.      What else do you do in your spare time?

I love music, especially rock music, dancing, swimming, reading & I love snowboarding, surfing & scuba diving when I go travelling.

10. Where is your favourite travel destination?

So many……. I’ll whittle it down to 3!

  • Cape Town, South Africa for the beaches & Surfing, this is also where I was born & grew up so it’s where my heart is.
  • Cervinia, Italy for Snowboarding – it sits just under the Matterhorn, the scenery is breathtaking.
  • Marsa Alam, Egypt for Scuba Diving, by far the Best place I’ve ever Scuba Dived!

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