What is Pilates and How can it Benefit me?

It won’t take long after joining a class to see and feel the benefit of Pilates. Walk taller, feel stronger and more aligned, not to mention a flatter, more toned abdominal area.

The reason for this is because Joseph Pilates’ method devised at the turn of the 20th century is just as applicable now for the 21st century lifestyle. Through an effective exercise system aimed at strengthening the body as a whole, with particular focus on the core muscles of the trunk, the body is brought into core alignment that will improve posture and body shape.

Regular practice of Pilates will become a way of life that many use not only in a mat Pilates class but also as a tool to improve their yoga practice or even in the gym. A complete program that promotes not only health and fitness but a sense of wellbeing.

Mat Pilates classes are suited to absolutely any age and ability, both men and women from sedentary to those with a higher level of fitness.

I have seen clients arrive at a Pilates class who find it difficult to reach and tie up their shoes, turn over in bed or get out the of bath unaided and within a relatively short period of practicing Pilates the quality of their life has improved dramatically. It can also assist with recovery and rehabilitation from childbirth, surgery, back problems or sports injuries.  However, it is equally beneficial to the apparently fit person who wants to develop a stronger core body and build a stronger body for sport or just for life!

Apart from the physical benefits of Pilates, the method will also teach you body control, to move with fluidity and focus on your breath. These benefits have enabled clients to sleep better, move better and freely and cope with stressful situations at work or home.

So if you are lacking motivation to find an exercise class that will keep you coming back for more, that gives you the tools to get results, whether it’s to be more independent or you have a fitness goal then Pilates is the perfect class for you!

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, in 30 you will have a new body!” Joseph Pilates

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Gayle Roots


I would be really interested in joining a class but unfortunately I can’t do a Wednesday evening and I work every day. Do you do any others evening sessions for beginners. My 19 year old daughter would also be keen.

  • Red Hot Yoga

    Hi Gayle, thank you for your message! We are currently only running one Foundation Course at a time, but hopefully we will be able to build this over time to include different days and times. You and your daughter are most welcome to attend our Open Mat Pilates classes, which are scheduled throughout the week – please visit our class schedule page to find all the days/times these are held.


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