“Yoga has given me my life back.” – A Real Life Yogi Story

It was my physio who suggested that I take up yoga. That was nearly 3 years ago, and at the time I had such limited movement in my lower back and thoracic spine I was visiting him at least once a week. Even with this intensity of visits I was incredibly unsupple & in pain most of the time.  Whilst I knew deep down that I needed to help myself I was rather sceptical of what yoga was all about & how it could help me.

I found RHY in Guildford through a friend, and on visiting their website, I instantly liked their approach. The flexibility to book & cancel classes on-line from the extremely wide range of yoga methods enabled me to try out many different types to establish what suited me without any formal long term commitment. This simple and straight forward approach meant that as a busy business woman I wasn’t required to sign up & commit to a regular class, something I know wouldn’t last.

I started off very gently for the first 6 months with only restorative classes &, over time I found that I would wake up from a better night’s sleep & not aching. I had more flexibility, less pain and also more core strength.  I also found as an added bonus that I hadn’t anticipated, I was feeling so much more relaxed & less stressed which meant my muscles weren’t tied up in knots!

All of the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable & patient. Over time I have built up to quite a strong practice, still listening to my body & choosing classes around how my body feels at the time. I honestly now couldn’t imagine my life without yoga. It has become an integral part of who I am – practicing 2-3 times per week. Horse riding was always my love but it was not imaginable that I could ride again before I started my yoga practice; earlier this year I bought myself a horse on whom I am jumping too.   I honestly feel like yoga has given me my life back.

Thank you RHY!

An RHY Student

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