Even More Mysore Ashtanga Magic in Guildford, Surrey

Mysore now running six days a week at Red Hot Yoga

If you already practise Mysore you will know it is a unique way to enjoy your Yoga.  Practising at your own pace has many benefits, including more individual attention and more flexibility in how you practise.  Once you have attended led Ashtanga classes long enough to know the sequence well, Mysore is the next step.  Your regular practise will guide you into becoming your own teacher. And Mysore is taking off in Guildford, Surrey…

Want to take your Mysore Ashtanga practise to the next level?

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Maintaining a regular Mysore practise does have some requirements.  Firstly, you need a teacher who you can trust to step in to offer you adjustments and advise and help you when you need it, but also to leave you to focus when you don’t.  One of the key benefits of this practise is getting more individual attention from the teacher. But this has to be the right attention at the right time.  Our Mysore teachers, Clive, Julee, Claire & Omar each have a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure you can get a fulfilling, progressive practise in a safe environment.  Our teachers continue to train themselves, bringing their knowledge to you in class.

Come and practise in the heart of Guildford, Surrey!

You also need a class available to you every day so you can build it into your morning routine.  So, here at RHY we host Mysore classes six days a week, the only studio in Guildford, nay Surrey!

Classes start at 6am every weekday and on Saturdays and finish at 8am.   Students can join the class any time before 7:30am. So, there’s no need for you to rush to get to class on time and the most important thing you will do for yourself in a day all done and dusted by 8am.  Bliss!

If this type of practise sounds interesting to you, or you already enjoy it, visit our Traditional Mysore Schedule page to book!


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