Yogis in Guildford, Surrey love to practise Mysore!

Do you like to practise Ashtanga?

Calling all Guildford & Surrey Ashtanga lovers!  If you’ve ever thought ‘I’m not sure what Mysore really is’, then read on.

Mysore is the traditional way to practise your Ashtanga sequence.  The classes are not led by the teacher, instead allowing you to practise in your own time and pace.  Using Ashtanga Series cards (if required), you can enjoy your own practise under the watchful eye of one of our expert teachers, who are there to offer you adjustments and guidance when needed.  This allows you to choose your own focus, spending more time on those posture you find particularly difficult to master.  Mysore is the perfect way to advance your practise.

Are you one of Guildford or Surrey’s early birds?

We now hold Mysore classes six days a week, starting from 6am until 8am.  As an unled class, you can arrive any time you like and practise for as long as you like.  Early morning is the traditional time to practise your yoga, before the day gets too hot (not so much of a problem in Sunny Guildford!) and has the added benefit of meaning your daily practise is all finished by 8am.  As a bonus, you can get your practise in before the car parks fill up!

Why Practise Mysore over regular led Ashtanga classes?

Once you have been practising Ashtanga long enough to be familiar with the sequence, an unled class offers you the opportunity to advance your practise at your own pace.  Want to focus on a particular part of the sequence?  No problem.  Need a teacher to check how you’re doing in a posture? This is the main purpose of an assisted self practise. Want to get more personal attention from the teacher?  This is for you! As they don’t  lead the class, the teacher is on hand to offer personal assistance throughout the session.

Read more about our Mysore classes at Red Hot Yoga or visit our Mysore page to reserve a space in class.


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