Who is the Beginner Yoga Course for?

by Alex Churchley Cook

Yoga today is practiced by just about anyone from overweight and out of shape to runners and cyclists, dancers and athletes. Male, Female, black & white, it is a truly cosmopolitan practice but…

Often the hardest single goal that you will ever achieve in yoga is actually turning up to your first class! Although many do make it to the mat and find they keep coming back time and time again, many do not take that first courageous step.

This is for you – or for someone that you love whom you’d like to share yoga with. This is an invite to come to just 4 classes after which you will have the confidence, and the basic skills, to step into any of the standard classes here at Red Hot Yoga or any other studio for that matter.

This is also for you if you’ve been practicing for a while but feel that there are some basic parts of your practice that you’re not sure about or want some more personal feedback on.

The course will be taught with care for all who attend and hopefully with plenty of humour too – no one will feel exposed, the poses will be accessible and all options will be given so you really can do this.

Yoga, far removed from what is often perceived as exotic or esoteric, is a supremely accessible practice that will build a strong, flexible body with empirically improved breathing, thinking and all around health. And once you’ve made that first step you will find that there is a vast world of styles and practices out there to choose from.

See you on the mat in January!


Mark Lee


I attended 3 hot yoga classes in Balham about 7 years ago.

I very much enjoyed it and would like to try it again.

I work in Guildford and would like to try some early evening classes – what would you recommend?


Mark – mark.lee@penningtons.co.uk

  • Red Hot Yoga

    Hi Mark, if you would like to try a similar class to a Bikram class, we recommend our Red Hot class – it is static (like Bikram) and hot! We have Red Hot classes throughout the day, including the evening, and you can see the entire schedule for these classes here. Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


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