Incredible Real Life Yogi Story

Contracting a chronic lung condition and losing a wife to cancer is not a recipe for feeling good. It is hard to keep in condition mentally or physically and for some time I drifted aimlessly.

A new yoga centre, Red Hot Yoga, opened locally and, having previously done some yoga with my wife, I decided to have another go. It was the hot yoga that got me back into it. Every session gave me a lift – particularly when I was feeling slothful and had had to drag myself along.

I then tried the non-hot rooms – Iyengar, Kundalini, Yin, Mindful Flows et al – they all offered something slightly different. I was getting hooked as much in my mind as for the physical exercise.

There were all sorts of benefits I had not expected. I lost weight and became more flexible. I was even hitting a golf ball further. Everywhere I went people would say ‘you look great – what have you been doing?’ My mood changed for the better. Every time I entered the studio I was recognized and greeted with a big smile. I wasn’t out to make friends but the whole experience was infectious – everyone was so interesting.

Learning to breathe properly happened in subtle ways and, after two years of yoga, I visited my consultant who was flabbergasted by the improvement in my lung function. ‘This is not meant to happen – whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’

Six years on… I feel great and have a beautiful new wife!

An RHY Student

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