• Jane Beevers' Monday Level 2 class has evolved... join her at 10:00 for *Functional Range Hot Yoga Level 2*. This class is aimed at students with at least six months of practice who are keen to develop their understanding of movement potential borne from science within a yoga practice. For yoga practitioners, learning how to make passive ranges of motion active, will not only keep your practice safe, but you will develop strength in those ranges of motion. Strong, mobile joints create articular resilience and develop neurological health. Expect plenty of strong challenges (always with options to suit), as we combine our preconceived ideas of “stretching” or “strengthening” into mobility (= flexibility + strength and control). Peak poses, themes, and of course a well deserved Savasana all feature. The temperature in the Functional Range Hot Yoga Level 2 class is between 32 - 34C with a humidity level of 40%.