What is Mudra Vinyasa Level 1-2?

by Julee Yew-Crijns

Mudras are physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body. Often associated with hand gestures, mudras are also full body gestures and even eye gestures.

This is a deep, mindful, continuously flowing practice that works on circulating energy in the body to bring harmony between the mind and body. Each flow is a krama- a step that is taking you deeper towards a peak. When the body and mind is steady and focused, you will meet a peak pose. These can be challenging poses but you will feel them in a quiet, relaxed and immersed way.

This practice is inspired by Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Shadow Yoga & Chinese martial arts movement, as well as classical mudra yoga practices. It is more suitable for those with some experience of flow practice but open to anyone who is curious to try as there are always variations on offer

“The aim is to create fixed, repetitive postures and gestures, which can snap the practitioner out of instinctive habit patterns and establish more refined consciousness” – Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.


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