What is the Rocket?

by Jane Beevers

What really appealed to me as a teacher embarking on the Rocket teacher training course with Amber Gean (who trained under Larry Shultz), was its emphasis on three things:

  1. The Rocket is playful in nature.
  1. You are encouraged to tune out your inner critic.
  1. You are encouraged to tune in to your own inner teacher by listening to your body and modifying your practice to suit you.

The Rocket, whilst challenging, is a super fun practice created by Larry Shultz who trained under Sri K Pattabhi Jois, combining postures from primary, 2nd, 3rd and 4th series of Ashtanga, sprinkled with arm balances and inversions.

There are four Rocket sequences (Rocket 1, 2, 3, plus a shorter, hour-long practice called the Bottle Rocket).  With plenty of modifications on traditional postures, when you practice a Rocket class you also get to play with many fun arm balances and inversions in a safe and supportive environment.  You are welcome to use the wall practicing inversions, and will also experience various cross training core work to build strength, fundamental to the practice.

The Rocket is light-hearted, playful, and will build strength efficiently and safely.  In any Rocket class you can be a beginner or an advanced practitioner as there will always be a suitable modification offered to suit your own practice.

Bottle Rocket:  60-minute condensed sequence allowing for a shorter and less intense way to get your Rocket in.

Rocket 1: 90-minute Rocket sequence (known as the “Long and Strong” sequence, the focus is on the legs and building a strong foundation for the week).

Rocket 2:  90-minute Rocket sequence (with a strong focus on arm balances, core and back bends).

Rocket 3:  90-minute sequence (blending poses from Rocket 1 and 2).

One of the great benefits of practicing the Rocket is that it allows to you practice some of the more challenging aspects of the practice whilst having the freedom to modify postures to suit you.  This approach is adopted throughout all Rocket sequences, which creates confidence, accessibility and a great sense of play.

So come explore your playful spirit in my Bottle Rocket classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I look forward to seeing you all on the mat!


Kelly Cooper

Love Rocket! Good news 🙂


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