6 Reasons to study with Brian Cooper this weekend

by Red Hot Yoga

1. Brian is one of the UK’s leading and most respected yoga and Thai massage teachers, who has trained hundreds of teachers at home and abroad.

2. Brian has spent 40 years in the remarkable, exciting and amazing practice of Hatha Yoga.

3. Brian founded Yoga Alliance, with the vision of setting high standards for training schools and building a community of teachers and yoga students.

4. This course is a great opportunity to learn adjustments for any yoga teachers or anyone looking to become a teacher.

5. Brian is the author of Yoga: The Art of Adjusting, a bestselling teaching manual used all over the world with every asana illustrated with detailed alignment cues.

6. He is known for encouraging students to think and experiment for themselves and has a thoughtful and straight talking style. 

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Vivien Skuodas

If you are thinking about deepening your practice and gaining incredible insight into all aspects of yoga, then this is the man for you. I did my teacher training with Brian. He is, indeed, straight talking and will debunk many yoga myths. His teaching, knowledge and passion are inspiring and will lead to a greater understanding of things on and off the mat.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.


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