‘Traditional Self Practice Mysore Style Classes’

by Clive Bratchell

Clive and Mark are very proud to have started the first regular Self Practice Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga in Guildford here at Red Hot Yoga in early 2013.

They started with one day a week…. building slowly…. and thanks to the students commitment, they are now pleased to announce that from September they will be running a traditional morning practise 5 days a week, here at Red Hot Yoga.

The traditional self-practice mysore classes are the traditional and best way to start, continue and deepen your journey with the guidance of 4 experienced teachers Clive, Mark, Omar and Claire with the support of our growing team of assistants Katerina, Olivia and Gabby.

Some key questions answered below:

How can I book?

Just turn up with your mat and suitable clothes to practice in. Alternatively book online here.

Can I come if I am NEW?

Yes, you will be very welcome! If you are new to yoga your first few trips maybe short as you take time to learn the practice. You will be given a sheet with the postures on to learn and after a few trips you will gain confidence and then the real yoga magic will start to work.

Do check the Workshop/Courses page for Beginners Self Practice Mysore course if you prefer to learn it first in a block of classes. Click here.

How does it work if I am a regular to a led Ashtanga Class?

You will probably be familiar with the structure and sequence but may need the reminder sheet for the first few times to help you remember what comes next. Learning the poses by heart gives you the freedom to explore the intricacies of the practice; breath, bandhas, drishti.

What does the teacher do if I am doing all the moves myself?

As the class is not led by the teacher, the students follow their own breath and will find themselves in different asana at different times. This allows the teacher freedom to help you in the more challenging poses and advise on the subtleties of the poses, plus anything else that comes up that is related to Ashtanga Yoga. You get the best of all worlds practicing like this, the benefits of a one to one class in a group setting with all that lovely sharing of energy.

If you are still unsure and want to chat about what it involves then please do not hesitate to call the studio on 01483 564511

We all look forward to welcoming you soon to guide you on your journey.


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