#TeamRHY Teacher Interview: Jade Carey

by Jade Carey

What is your main tip for new trainees starting their teacher training?  

My tips for new Teacher trainees would be to have no expectations, try out as many other teachers’ classes to figure out what you like and dislike and then find your own rhythm and style. Be true to yourself and believe in your self. Take small steps and you will prove to yourself that you will be able to do things you never dreamed of doing, this Yoga is powerful stuff. Enjoy the journey and be kind to yourself.
How has teaching affected your personal practice? 

Teaching Yoga has changed my personal practice completely. I used to think I should be able to achieve all the crazy advanced asanas and practices in order to be the best role model or teacher for my students. However, I have come to realise that it’s less of what I practise and teach, but more of how I practise and teach and why I practise and teach that has so much more meaning. It has enabled me to be kinder to myself and therefore I find my practise is so much more enjoyable these days.

What would you say to someone who has never tried yoga before? 

Yoga is great for stretching, strengthening, healing and preventing illness and injuries. But it can be so much more than all of this. To me Yoga is being kind to yourself and others, it brings you back to your authentic self. It allows you to become more intimate with your own body and makes you more body aware. It teaches you to let go of what no longer serves you and in turn allows you to learn to love yourself as you are. It enables us to seek happiness for ourselves and others, it helps us to find peace in this chaotic world. It’s a journey of self belief. It helps you to face your fears and to make small steps to overcome them. It enables you to live the life you deserve. To live the life of your dreams.

Where would a cool place to do yoga be? 

On your own is the best – just you and Yoga 

How would you describe your Teaching Style?  

On I teach with enthusiasm, warmth and compassion, offering a safe environment and a yoga style to meet Every kind of Body’s Needs. I teach with a watchful eye and give gentle adjustments to help students deepen their practice and to give them the confidence to see through their physical and mental limitations. You’ll often hear me before you see me as I have quite a distinctive chuckley laugh which I think makes my classes a little more relaxed and fun.

How would you describe your Teaching Style? What is your favourite/least favourite yoga pose? What is a good tip you like to offer your students to help them get into this pose?   

I don’t really have a favourite pose, it depends on how I feel on the day. I suppose I find Backbending fairly easy, so I’ll go with Dancer’s Bow/Natarajasana.

To get into this pose stand with both feet together, reach the arms up and windmill the right arm back first, whilst simultaneously bending the right knee and kicking the right foot up and back so that you can catch the foot or the ankle with your right hand. Engage your belly. Squeeze the knees together and find a drishti point in front of you to focus on, all of these will help your balance. You can stay in this position if this is already enough for you or you could start to kick the bent leg up and back whilst still holding onto your foot or ankle with your right hand. Once you can’t kick back anymore, you may like to bring your upper body forward and down, the whole time still keeping your left hand above eye level. Hold for up to 5 breaths and then slowly release the leg down. Repeat on the other side, being mindful that you may not be able to go to the same depth on both sides of the body. Remember keep full even breaths – if you can’t breathe properly, you’ve probably gone too far for your body, ease off until you can find your breath again.


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