#TeamRHY Yoga Teacher Interview: Claire Berghorst

by Claire Berghorst

What is your main tip for new trainees starting their teacher training?  

Teaching is about sharing what you know. We all have something unique to offer as we all have our own experiences of the practices and obstacles encountered. At the start of your teaching journey you will probably attract beginner students, so it’s less intimidating. Just relax and enjoy!

It’s also important to continue being a student. Find a teacher who inspires you, not by their asana, but just by being.
How has teaching affected your personal practice? 

Teaching is a practice within itself. It’s also a surrender, as your students come first and that can mean putting your own practice second. It’s always about balance – allowing my own practice to feed into my teaching and likewise my students teach me just as much, if not more, so letting that cycle back and forth.

What would you say to someone who has never tried yoga before?

Ekam inhale, Dwe, exhale… and so on. Just one breath at a time.
Where would a cool place to do yoga be?

Top of the Amphitheatre, in South Africa. It’s part of the Drakensberg mountains and one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have never actually practiced there, but would love to! The little space that I have created in my home for my morning practice is actually pretty awesome too – it’s tiny, but practicing there feels great.

How would you describe your Teaching Style?

I like to challenge students to push their own mental boundaries, in a playful way 🙂

Which is your favourite/least favourite yoga pose?  What is a good tip you like to offer your students to help them get into this pose?

My least favorite asana would be a back bend – they bring up all sorts of things! The flip side of that is that my favorite would be a scorpion or scorpion handstand, as I find that the back bend is so much more open when inverted, hence I can start to find more space, and actually enjoy a pose that I usually find more restrictive!


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