The Five Year Story of Red Hot Yoga

by Tayler Willson

Earlier this year, in March to be precise, Guildford’s Red Hot Yoga celebrated its fifth birthday. The York Street studio was founded in 2011 by Clarissa Robertson & Nick Ord who had the vision to create a dedicated Yoga venue in the heart of Surrey that offered somewhere for people of any ability and experience to take part.

Clarissa & Nick began their search for the perfect venue to make their vision reality in 2009. They didn’t only want somewhere that was suitable for yoga, but wanted to ensure it showed they were also about the health and well-being of everyone who walked through their door.

They started with the Hot studio – after 10 years of teaching hot yoga in studios across the world, Clarissa wanted to bring the joy of hot yoga to Guildford. In March 2011 the doors to the ‘Red’ studio opened and Red Hot Yoga have been offering students a variety of hot yoga classes ever since, including the signature ‘Red Hot’ class.

In 2013 they opened their second floor that housed three new studios. The aim was to become a true multi-discipline Yoga venue and offer as wide a range of Yoga classes as possible.

Now in their fifth year, they boast a wonderful community of teachers, staff and students who continue to make the studio such a joyful place. Everyone who heads to Red Hot Yoga is made to feel at home, after all it’s a place to relax, unwind, meet lovely people and have a break from the stresses of modern life.

With over eighty classes a week held at Red Hot Yoga, there’s certainly plenty to choose from and it’s understandable if you aren’t too sure which class to choose. We’ve broken down a few of your class options to make things that little easier, nice right?

Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga is a strong and dynamic practice that creates a powerful and light body whilst encouraging a calm mind through the use of breath synchronised with movement.

Whether it is the full 90 Primary Series, or a short form in our 75 & 60 minute classes, the Ashtanga series of asanas works to generate flexibility and strength in the entirety of the body to ensure a full practice is received and a feeling of length and strength is felt in the body when you leave.

Red Hot Yoga
Their signature Hot class. The series focuses predominantly on static postures, with perhaps one or two short flows included. The 90 minute class starts with 45 minutes of standing postures, followed by a 45 minute floor series, with a shorter floor series in the 75 minute classes.

The class is particularly suitable for beginners, whilst always including progressive postures for those ready to step up their practice to the next level. If you are new to Hot Yoga, it’s recommend you start here! Our Test Dummy tried this class out too, so give that a read for a clearer, sweatier incite!

The Beat Goes Om
A flowing Vinyasa style class, moving through a carefully planned sequence for all levels; using music to warm the soul as you practise together. Enjoy a soothing Vinyasa flow practise to an expertly choreographed playlist of awesome tunes. This is a very popular class and give it a go and find out why for yourself.

Sivananda Yoga is a traditional, meditative class that encourages proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind.

A typical class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), warm-ups, Sun Salutations, a series of 12 asanas (postures) and deep relaxation. The class follows an exact order that allows for the systematic movement of every major part of the body in a balanced way that enhances prana or life force energy.

The class is designed to calm the mind and reduce stress. With regular practice one can ensure overall physical and mental health and the possible prevention of many health problems. It is a relatively slow paced, yet challenging class.

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