#TeamRHY Yoga Teacher Interview: Mandy Penalver

by Mandy Penalver

What is your main tip for new trainees starting their teacher training? 

Teach from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

How has teaching affected your personal practice? 

Every class I teach deepens my personal practice.

How would you describe your Teaching Style? 

My teaching style draws upon the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta master Jean Klein

Which is your favourite/least favourite yoga pose? What is a good tip you like to offer your students to help them get into this pose?

Favourite: Savasana! This pose requires no effort, so it’s more of an ‘undoing’ than a ‘doing’!

Least favourite: Locust. Find a comfortable position for your hands, and keep your chin extended.


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