Cultivating The Seeds Of Self-Compassion

by Jambo Truong

When I was growing up as a Buddhist/Taoist, my mother used to always guide me to make decisions based on the kindest, the one that would bring more lightness and in line with purifying karma.

As I grew into an adult, especially by the time I got to my mid-20’s, I had been hurt enough times, my trust of the world had broken because of how I allowed other people’s opinions and life-choices affect me. We have all been in that place when we suddenly lose the faith that life really is about enjoying yourself. It usually happens that moment we need to grow up! I still grieve for the freedom of movement and thinking I once had!

When we pass beyond our child like nature, we adhere to ethics, ethos and conditions placed upon us by the groups, jobs and relationships we take on. There is a natural tendency in tribal evolution to find where we fit within a community, but as we are faced with so many more concepts than ever before, we adhere to systems in order to learn, survive and stay connected. This process perpetuates the journey to furthering losing yourself.

Suddenly getting up out of bed, finding enthusiasm and fueling motivation seems to belong til someone else. We forget that our own limbs, heart and voice of our spirit is here for us.

Let me give you an example….

When I became single from a long relationship, for the most part I was lost in the need the be the ‘provider’- a trait I had learned from my father, societies expectations for being a man and whatever else I had gathered from various intimate relationships. I was working to live. I took myself on a short break to Copenhagen, a city where I had no connections (so less opportunity to be invited by a studio). On my first day off I got on my yoga mat and started going inside for an intent for my practice. Immediately I realised that my intents are dreamt from a place for my students, but I had nobody to guide! Nobody’s body that I had to take into account, no calling for the voice of spirit other than my own! I spent a few more minutes breathing deeply because for once in a long time I had to work out an intent that was purely for myself!

My intent was to move in a way that made me feel good….

What an unfolding! Every single posture, and every single breath in those postures where as though I was practising on a different planet! The selfish approach of self-pleasure in a way that didn’t need me to keep a check on my ego made my body feel stronger than I had ever felt it before. I felt in my power.

On another occasion I was laid up in bed from a bad back. It was at a time when I was learning to adapt from a person who constantly moves to a person who had to spend anywhere between 3-9 hours seated on a train, taxi or plane a day! This way of working meant I had to adapt my yoga practice for this way of living, but at the time I didn’t realise that, I have never worked in an office so I have never known the tightness and imbalances someone could get from living like that.

I spent DAYS doing poses and self-adjustments to free up my back but nothing would last very long, until one day when I finally realised how I was speaking to myself during my practice and in between those times when I would self-mutilating about my worthlessness about not being able to heal myself.

This was one of the best triggers I could have ever wished for. Immediately I stopped talking to myself as though I was pathetic, I started speaking to myself in a way that expressed the gratitude of what I have been able and still can do with my body!

After just a few hours there was an unraveling of facial tissue that alarmed me at moments. I could feel something crawling, stretching and releasing from right under my skin! After a matter of hours of speaking to myself as though I was my own best friend, my own parent, guru, life long partner, my facial system took a massive unwind! Immediately I felt a huge sense of well-being and was immediately able to go back to my yoga room and apply this deeper attitude of self kindness to my self.

The next day I was back at work.

In these series of workshops and retreats, I will share the science behind what happens to your biochemistry when you are kinder to yourself, how this affects acute & chronic injuries. How I have gone deeper into exploring the layers of self-kindness that I never though possible to enable me to stand more in my power.

The combination of yoga sequences, apex poses and self-supporting cues enable practitioners to realise how much further we can go with our health, wealth and practice.

Join me in an introduction to working in this way at Red Hot Yoga, 5th March 11:00-15:00


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