Comfortable or Complacent?

by Julee Yew-Crijns

Wow…. some of the yoga practices out there are just…. mind blowing beautiful. I try to imagine what it feels like to be able to have all that strength, flexibility and fluidity. I question; is it still fun when you can just about do everything? I can only conclude- YES! it must be super fun! And that inspires me to go that extra 10,000 hours to get there – because, really, you will get there if you put in the hours.

To be completely honest, I am not putting that kind of hours in. I am on my mat every day- but I can honestly say, the practice is not 100% committed towards doing the “hard” stuff- ie: the stuff I struggle with, the stuff I fear. It is fun to just flow through a practice without struggling (which is why I am certain that when you can do just about everything, it is even more fun) So mostly, I am happy to do what I can. I throw in a couple of things I struggle with at the end of the practice- mostly fear stuff- like forearm stand and handstand. I have no idea why I fear them. The fear does not come from a place of experience- because i have not had a bad fall from them. As a matter of fact, all the falls have been alright, so it is baseless, senseless fear.

But this is what part of the yoga is about;  awakening to our habits! Especially those that cause us to be contracted and complacent; in our minds, our bodies and our spirit. And where better to start than on the mat- because really, here, the work is easiest. We learn to push our boundaries safely. We learn to be comfortable and open to trying something new. When faced with challenging postures, we learn to watch our thoughts. And the beauty of it all is that no matter how much of it you do- the lessons never stop serving us!


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