Pluto and Chiron Gong Bath

by Mark Swan

Working with the Gong as a meditative and sound healing tool has been a constant source of wonder for me.

I’m still learning something new about its amazing abilities every day of my life.

It’s funny, although this is a very ancient instrument and It’s powers are so very diverse it hasn’t been that well documented and researched at all. The cynic in me says that there’s no money in doing this as its commercial applications are limited to one to one sessions. The big pharmaceutical companies could hardly bottle it and store it could they? Having said that the affirmations and emails full of positive feedback keep stacking up. Red Hot Yoga has given me free range to use as many of my 20 odd Gong as I see fit!

Over the past years I have played to hundreds of people. The magical blend of esoteric, yogic and meditative sound never ceases to work its charm on those assembled.

If you haven’t experienced a Gong bath before then take an hour out of your day and have a holiday from yourself.

See you soon, Mark X


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