Beginner’s Class

by Claire Berghorst

One of the most common question that I am asked is if my class is suitable for beginners. I understand that stepping into a room as the newbie is daunting. I always try to put myself into the other persons shoes – if I had to step into another type of class I might be terrified.

What I want to let you know, is that as a teacher I don’t mind if you can’t touch your toes. None of the other students mind either. All that I want you to do is to step onto your mat with an open mind and an open heart. If you can’t do everything and you need to take a lot of rests, it’s not a problem. In fact, I admire you listening to your body and taking rest when needed.

Don’t be intimidated by the perfect yogini on the mat next to you, performing the poses with glorious perfection. She probably has a story too. Maybe she has worked really hard to get to where she is, maybe it came a bit more easily. It really doesn’t matter either which way.

Allow yourself to be inspired by those people who have been showing up for many years, for you will notice a stillness, a calmness and a sense of content. That is what we are striving for.

So, no, my class is not specifically for beginners – or not. Just step onto your mat. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Be inspired. You won’t be a beginner for all that long after all.


Julie Fastiggi

Brilliant write up there Claire. Takes me back 4 years to my first class where I found stillness a BIG problem, had no chance of doing a wheel, my toes were a bit too far away, headstand was out of the question and lots ‘panicked’ me in life! These days, after learning to breathe (properly!) really listen to my body and all my inspiring teachers like you I can now enjoy stillness (savasana is no longer a challenge!!!) I’ve got the toes, love a wheel and my world can turn upside down too, now there’s progress! I have just gone with the journey, smiling all the way but not really knowing where the road will take me! I remember those early ‘beginner’ days too well, without them I would not be where I am now, doing my teacher training!!Those first few months/years were full of fun, challenges and learning, little did I know at the time but it’s those times that provided me with useful experiences to carry into my teaching, the journey is continuous and open for all that’s why I love it so!


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