Pranassage: The Best Massage You’ve Never Heard Of

by Heather Earl

Every teacher has a different way of sharing and presenting ideas, and information and every student has a unique way of absorbing and materializing these ideas. As a student, you tune in to the ideas that resonate and make sense to you and let go of the ideas that don’t. I have “tuned out” a lot of yoga jargon on my path both as a student and teacher, but there are a few simple ideas that I have tuned into and strive to share in a variety of ways with my students. The facile yet profound idea of quieting the mind has stayed with me through my many years of teaching. This simple quote came from one of my teachers years ago and has guided my practice on a daily basis. “When you move into the present moment, your mind is able to rest.” It is a simple concept and can be practiced and accessed in many ways. Without the clutter of future or past thoughts, the mind settles into the present. When the mind is calm, the physical and emotional bodies are able to follow.

The mind is allowed to “reset”, letting the central nervous system send signals to the physical body to release tension and reorganize into a calmer, safe state. Quieting the mind and moving into the present moment can be presented through so many different methods. The key is finding those that you can access and use on a regular basis. Yoga asana, meditation and pranayama techniques are all helpful along this path, but hands on bodywork can also be a catalyst for allowing you to move passively into the present moment.

Among the many different teacher trainings and styles I have had the honor to be a part of, Pranassage Practioner Training is one of the most profound. I was amazed by how this simple technique could invoke an immediate sensation of deep relaxation and body awareness at the same time. It is another tool in my teaching box to help students move into the present moment, quiet the mind and experience the bliss of letting go of past and future thoughts and allow the mind to rest.

Pranassage is a combination of yoga and hands on bodywork that aims to create a deep relaxation experience for the receiver. In this unique practice, the practitioner moves the recipient’s body through gentle and therapeutic yoga positions. The main goal is to move the receiver into a deeply relaxed state of awareness. Once you drop into the present moment you are able to tune into the sensations of the physical body. These sensations are happening in real time, facilitated by the practitioner, giving the receiver permission to simply be in the present moment and breathe. On an emotional level, a Pranassage session allows you to consciously move into the present and give the mind a rest, but on a physical level it is designed to realign muscles and bones, open up the flow of blocked energy and increase the stream of blood and nutrients to parts of the body that feel blocked. This whole body, guided yoga experience is both relaxing and energizing. It is effective for new and experienced yoga students and provides a uniquely tailored individual relaxation experience for the body and mind.

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Hanna Monika and Slavomir we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hertas for making us feel and look so special this evening. We could not have asked for more It was fun working with you. You both have a truly professional attitude, warmth in coming close to us and discreet presence. You made the best out of us. Thank you for all your love and support! Wish you all the best!! Mary Aristofanis


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